Forbidden Lands Expansions Announced By Free League Publishing

Published: June 15, 2023 2:44 PM /


Official artwork of the Forbidden Lands expansion Book of Beasts, showing a large mutated giant creature towering over a knight in armor

Free League Publishing has announced two Forbidden Lands expansions. The Swedish tabletop developer has been the home of many beloved TTRPGs in the past, including the in-depth Middle-earth TTRPG The One Ring, the sci-fi TTRPG Coriolis, as well as officially licensed Alien and Blade Runner TTRPGs. Now, these new expansions will add some more intense bloody encounters to the publisher's award-winning fantasy survival TTRPG.

Forbidden Lands Expansions announcement

For those that do not know, Forbidden Lands was published by Free League in 2018. It is set in a kingdom that has been plagued by a demonic mist. If you go out during the night, you will die. But, this mist has recently disappeared, allowing enterprising adventurers to explore the empty ruins of the once great kingdom. The TTRPG was unique since it encouraged a hands-off approach for GMs, encouraging players to explore and take initiative in the adventure. Forbidden Lands has won several awards in 2019, including Golden Ennies for Best Cartography and Best Production Values, Silver Ennies for Best Rules and Product of the Year, and was a finalist for Best Roleplaying Game at the 2019 Origins Awards.

An illustration of a dragonlike creature from the Forbidden Lands Expansion Book of Beasts illustrated in a pencil sketch artstyle
Okay, I think the play is to avoid this, not fight it.

In an official press release, Free League goes into further detail about the Forbidden Lands expansions. The first expansion is called the Book of Beasts. This is a sourcebook for GMs, providing them with 28 different monsters. Each monster has its own set of tailored random encounters, allowing the GM to frame each monster encounter as a mini-adventure. In addition, the book contains legends about each monster, rules for harvesting resources from their bodies, and rules for players to discern the monsters' strengths and weaknesses. Given the brutal nature of Forbidden Lands' dark fantasy world, the players will need every advantage they can get.

The second of the Forbidden Lands expansions is The Bloodmarch. This is a campaign book that takes players into the volcanic region west of Ravenland. It is a land with battle-ready horse riders, secretive dwarves, and a rapidly spreading form of demonic vegetation. Some see this vegetation as a curse, while others see it as a necessary evil. Players will have to choose a side, or stand by themselves, and decide how to deal with this rising threat.

Both of the Forbidden Lands expansions are available right now. Physical copies are sold at an MSRP of $37.56 on Free League's store page. Buying a physical copy will include a PDF at no additional cost for a limited time.

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