Coriolis: Wake of the Icons Arriving This June

Free League Publishing announced Coriolis: Wake of the Icons, the conclusion to their campaign trilogy for their sci-fi TTRPG, will be coming next month.

Published: May 2, 2023 4:01 PM /


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A brand new prewritten campaign is coming to Coriolis. While publisher Free League is more well known for their fantasy and horror titles like The One Ring, Vaesen, and officially licensed Alien RPG, this TTRPG is set within a spacefaring sci-fi universe. In addition, this campaign is the third entry in a trilogy of prewritten scenarios and the conclusion of the Mercy of the Icons storyline.

Coriolis: Wake of the Icons campaign announcement

For those not aware, Coriolis – The Third Horizon is a TTRPG set in a remote cluster of star systems home to both old and new civilizations. It is a place ravaged by a war between the First Come colonists, ones who worship a group of godlike entities called the Icons, and the aggressive military and trade agenda of the Zenithians. In the game, players are crew mates on a spaceship, where they can explore the stars, get wrapped up in political intrigue, undertake dangerous missions, uncover truths about various cultures, or even learn of the threat of the Dark Between The Stars. The game is built on the award-winning Year Zero Engine and has been described by the authors as "Arabian Nights in space" due to its Middle-Eastern inspirations.

Official artwork from Coriolis Wake of the Icons showing rusted remains of starships on a rainy planet
This is definitely a mood.

According to an official press release, Coriolis: Wake of the Icons is the 200+ page conclusion to the Mercy of the Icons trilogy. It begins with a series of visions bringing players back to Kua, visions about a prophecy, a Chosen, and a war that threatens the people of the Third Horizon. The campaign will span three scenarios, guiding players through visions of possible futures, diplomatic missions to secure aid, and the climactic eruption of war where their actions will determine the future of the Third Horizon. The book will also contain extensive information for Game Masters, including all prior events leading to these scenarios, a metagame allowing you to play out the fleet movements and clashes of the war, and an appendix containing over twenty different ship types.

Coriolis: Wake of the Icons is available for pre-order on Free League's official store page and is set to be released June 7. There is a limited-time offer where pre-orders will include immediate access to the book in PDF format and a double-sided full-color map featuring official art from the book at a discounted price.

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