Baldur's Gate 3 D&D Character Sheets Released By Wizards of the Coast

Published: September 15, 2023 3:44 PM /


The main cast from Baldur's Gate 3 together in a promotional poster

If you're a fan of fantasy RPGs, you heard about Baldur's Gate 3. Larian Studios' critically acclaimed game set in the world of D&D has delighted millions of PC, PS5, and soon Xbox owners, with its rich deep gameplay. Naturally, official D&D Baldur's Gate 3 character sheets were bound to happen.

The D&D Baldur's Gate 3 Character Sheets announcement

The D&D Baldur's Gate 3 character sheets were announced via Twitter post by Wizards of the Coast. These premade sheets are available via D&D Beyond at no additional charge for all members.

Admittedly, the sheets are buried a bit in the platform's settings. If you go to Characters, select Create a Character, then go to Premade, you will find that Baldur's Gate 3's cast has been added to the platform's various premade templates.

From there, just click Create and the character will be added to your list of character sheets.

A screenshot of the D&D Beyond page showcasing the Baldur's Gate 3 Character Sheets.
For brand-new players, it's a start.

If you are expecting an exact replication of the characters like the NPC statblocks for the cast of D&D Honor Among Thieves, adjust your expectations.

First, each of these character sheets is at level 1. This means no unique subclasses or fancy combat builds. While this is a relief for Game Masters, for new players this may be a bit of a disappointment.

Second, the characters don't have any bespoke homebrew adjustments. For example, Astarion is represented as a High Elf Rogue instead of a Dhampir or playable Vampire spawn.

Nevertheless, the Baldur's Gate 3 character sheets do translate the characters really well. Not only are starting stats and equipment playable, the Personality Traits Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws are flavorful and consistent with their characterization.

If you have been enjoying Baldur's Gate 3 and have never played D&D before, these character sheets are a perfect entry point. As for whether or not those characters will remain the same as you play, that is for the table, and the dice, to decide.


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