D&D Honor Among Thieves Statblocks Now Available

Published: March 7, 2023 2:31 PM /


The main cast of D&D Honor Among Thieves in a painted artstyle

With the upcoming release of the feature film D&D Honor Among Thieves, Wizards of the Coast are continuing different means of promotion. Their latest anthology adventure book, Keys From The Golden Vault, includes a setpiece from the feature film. Now, the main characters of the feature film can be added to your own campaign thanks to recently released D&D Honor Among Thieves statblocks.

D&D Honor Among Thieves statblocks announcement

The D&D Honor Among Thieves statblocks can be redeemed on D&D Beyond at no additional cost. This is similar to past promotions on the platform when WOTC released a new statblock for the archlich Vecna, as well as preview material for Spelljammer and Dragonlance. The content, officially called the Thieves' Gallery, contains seven statblocks. Six of them belong to the protagonists of the film while the seventh is given to film's antagonist. With this material, you can bring these characters into your game either as NPCs or as challenges for your party.

First is Doric, the Tiefling Druid played by Sophia Lillis. Overall, her statblock is in line with a Circle of the Moon Druid with the exception that she can also turn into an owlbear at will. Edgin Darvis, played by Chris Pine, is a manipulative bard and is a former member of the spy organization known as the Harpers. In addition to having spells like Friends, or Suggestion, he can also fight with a reinforced lute and a shortsword.

Hugh Grant's character, Forge Fitzwilliam is a professional con artist with a ton of false identities adopted and dropped. He also has a love for pulling off elaborate heists. Not only does he have various Rogue traits like Evasion and Uncanny Dodge, his Double-Cross allows him to instantly crit against anyone he attacks who sees him as friendly. Michelle Rodriguez Holga Kilgore is a straightforward classic Barbarian. She doesn't talk much, hits things really hard, but is fiercely loyal to her friends. Notably, her greataxe is made of darksteel, giving her protection against lightning.

Official artwork for the Red Wizard Sofina from D&D Honor Among Thieves
When your organization is about ruling through magic, you learn some deadly spells.

Simon Aumar (Jaden Smith) is a Wild Magic Sorceror trying to keep his magical gifts under control. He also has a lot of expectations placed on him since he is a descendant of the great wizard Elminster. The last hero is Xenk Yendar played by Regé-Jean Page. He is an Oath of Devotion Paladin, dedicated to smiting evil with a serious attitude. He also has an extended lifespan, which may be connected to the evil lich Szass Tam.

Finally, there is the Red Wizard Sofina played by Daisy Head. She is a CR 15 spellcaster with some dangerous tools at her disposal. In addition to necrotic strikes, her offensive spells include Thunderwave, Evard's Black Tentacles, Finger of Death, and Time Stop.

D&D Honor Among Thieves will release in theatres on March 31.