Most Anticipated Games of 2014- Titanfall

Most Anticipated Games of 2014- Titanfall

Published: January 24, 2014 9:00 AM /


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As a huge fan of the First Person Shooter genre, I must say that a refresh is needed and Titanfall hopes to bring that well needed fresh taste to the Xbox 360 and Xbox One March 11, 2014. Being developed by members of the creators of the successful Call of Duty Modern Warfare series, now apart of Respawn Entertainment, they hope to change FPS the same way they did with Call of Duty 4.

When Titanfall was announced and shown at E3, it stole the show.  With over 60 awards including a record six critics awards, Titanfall saw the big shoes it needed to fill a landed a Titan right on top of those shoes. Titanfall is a multi-player ONLY game, which features 6 vs 6 battles, even though the battles will seem much larger thanks to AI controlled bots throughout levels. But don't worry, there will be "single-player" elements throughout the game, including plot details and character development.


Pilots are able to call in Titans after they are "built" and are able to reduce the time it takes by getting kills or accomplishing other mission objectives.  Titans play like an exoskeleton for the pilot while still keeping the first person view and being very mobile.  Respawn has shown off 3 Titans; Stryder, Atlas, and Ogre class.  All of which play and look different.  Titans once called down, have a few different abilities to keep balance to the game. including Vortex Blocker, which stops and throws the enemies' ammunition back at them and electrified smoke that stops Pilots from climbing and destroying their Titans.  One of the coolest gameplay mechanics is if your Titan takes too much damage, you have the ability to eject from the damaged Titan and get right back into battle.

Titanfall is launching on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11, 2014.   The Xbox One will be the "definitive" version with use of the Microsoft's "Cloud" for processing power and use of dedicated servers.  With the obvious graphical and frame rate improvements being on the Xbox One version, Respawn has also hinted at more differences to the 360 version besides graphics but are yet to be announced.  Titanfall has the ability to be a system seller and new IP for Microsoft the same way Gears of War helped Microsoft sell 360s.  I am personally looking forward to a fresh game with a familiar taste instead of the usual COD games which are due for a refresh and Halo which it's multiplayer has taken a dive from the dominance it use to have on the online charts.  And hey if tons of people love the mech style of gameplay the Titans bring to the table, maybe we can see a new Mechassault? PLEASE?!

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