Valheim Update Fixes AI And Makes Monsters More Aggressive

Published: June 23, 2021 1:59 PM /


Valheim Update

The team at Irongate has been busy in the lead-up to the Midsummer holiday in Sweden, and while it's not the now delayed Hearths & Home update, this Valheim update may be what you were looking for to improve your experience.

At the core of this Valheim update is improving Monster AI, and fixing bugs with this. Part of this was a decision by the team to make monsters more aggressive, and when not able to attack you they are more likely to attack buildings and other constructs around. This isn't the only change, though it was the biggest one called out by the team. Another change is that they have taught Greydwarfs to throw better, meaning that the Black Forest region now has more ranged danger even when the Trolls aren't around. A fix for Boss AI means they won't run from you anymore removing some cheap kill possibilities that have been around.


Another area that saw some fixes were event triggers. The wolf event now only triggers after Bonemass is defeated, and the Moder army event can trigger in mountains. There's also a new event as the long-forgotten Blob was activated, which can mean only trouble for those who settle near swamps. This builds on the June 9th patch that made the Wolf Attacks and Fuling Army events trigger when they weren't in the past.

The currently constructible Maypole

As mentioned above it is Midsummer holiday in Sweden, and the developers have opted to celebrate that by temporarily making the Maypole buildable. It was already in the game but rarely found and otherwise could only be added by using console commands. The Maypole gives you +1 comfort score in its range, which improves your rested bonus and lets you keep that for longer. A nice gift to the community, and something appropriately decorous.

There are other fixes in the Valheim update like a SFX fix, a container fix, and a fix for a bugaboo of a save corruption that randomly occurred to some people since launch. You can read it all here.

What do you think of this Valheim update? Does small quality of life improvements make you more likely to revisit a game? Let us know in the comments below!



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