Valheim Player Recreates Sauron's Tower

03/15/2021 - 11:33 | By: Brian Renadette
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More accurately known as Barad-dûr.

As its players have shown, the Viking-themed open-world survival game Valheim gives fans of things like Warcraft and Lord of the Rings plenty of possibilities when it comes to building famous landmarks. The lastest of these projects features a Tolkein fan creating Barad-dûr, which many folks will remember as Sauron's Tower.

One of the iconic locations in the films and home to Sauron during the film's events, the builder, a Reddit user called "Large Syrup" says in his build showcase video that The Dark Tower took about 100 hours over six days to build it. Their main inspiration, besides the movie's version with the Eye of Sauron at the top, is from looking at 3D models of it online, as well as drinking "a lot of beer and syrup." On Reddit, Large Syrup also adds that one of the toughest parts of the build was adding the torches due to the strain that put on the framerate. Large Syrup is looking forward to working on it more in future updates, whether they include framerate optimizations or building updates such as "more terrain manipulation without limitations to how far you can dig down."

But Barad-dûr isn't the only tower of evil that Large Syrup has built. A few days earlier on March 10th, Large Syrup posted a video showing off Orthanc Tower, the tower in Isengard that's home to Saurman the White. There's less information on this build compared to Barad-dûr, but it's still an imposing sight with the red skies and Large Syrup's Viking standing on the balcony at the end. He'd best not awaken The Elder around it, though.

Valheim is available for purchase on Steam. There's no word on what mods, if any, were used for this build.


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