Tower Of Fantasy Version 3.1 Launches Next Week With New Area And More

Published: August 3, 2023 10:00 AM /


Characters in Tower of Fantasy cast in a golden glow and set against the backdrop of a bustling city

Tower of Fantasy version 3.1 has a release date, and we now know what it's bringing to the open-world gacha action RPG.

Titled "Midsummer Merriment", the update arrives on August 8th and will coincide with the game's first anniversary.

In addition to the new simulacrum Ming Jing, version 3.1 will also bring a whole new area to explore, complete with fascinating creatures to observe and a new enemy to battle.

Cloudpeak Manor was once a bustling hub, but the Darkness has caused the area to deteriorate, making it significantly more dangerous (and more fun to explore, naturally).

There, you'll observe new creatures like the Crystalline Darkness or the bovine Cyox, and you'll also get to grapple with the Black Crow Dark Wretch, a tough new armored enemy.

As well as exploring Cloudpeak Manor, you'll also get to take part in the Jade Pavilion Fair, a new storyline that sees the residents of Domain 9 coming together "in joyful celebration".

The Fair features many Exchange Stores and side missions to hunt down, so you'll have plenty to do in Tower of Fantasy version 3.1.

This update also arrives alongside Tower of Fantasy's first anniversary.

The game first launched on August 10th last year, and to celebrate its first birthday, you'll be able to enjoy the "biggest rewards since launch", as well as "brand new events".

If you've missed out on Tower of Fantasy so far, it's a free-to-play open-world RPG that takes place on Aida, a hostile planet that played host to a cataclysm which almost wiped out humanity.

With each update, the game's story expands, and more "simulacrums" are also added, each of which takes the form of a character with a unique set of abilities.

Simulacrums released for the game so far include the mighty fighter Yu Lan, the nimble Rubilia, and the quirky Mini Hurricane-wielding Gnonno, among others.

You can play Tower of Fantasy for free right now on PC, PlayStation, and mobile devices.


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