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Published: July 27, 2022 12:00 PM /


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Tower of Fantasy is the highly anticipated open-world RPG from publisher Level infinite and developer Hotta Studio. On the world of Aida, this futuristing RPG has players creating their own unique characters and setting out to explore the world. This title was first announced earlier this year and has been having a number of closed betas as Hotta Studio work to improve online services and give players a chance to explore parts of the game. It's today that they announced the Tower of Fantasy Release Date.

What is the Tower of Fantasy Release Date?

Tower of Fantasy will be playable on August 10th, 2022 at 8pm EST. This translates to August 10th 5pm PDT, and at midnight on August 11th for the UTC timezone. It's only a few weeks until players will be able to flood into the world of Aida.


Tower of Fantasy will be released on iOS, Android, and PC via Steam and Epic Game Store.

Tower of Fantasy began teasing the ramp up to the full release of its game as the official Twitter account started releasing strange messages. These messages have been slowly revealing some aspect of the story that the Omnium towers within the game world were being disturbed and affecting our real world. It's been announced that these kinds of interactive stories would continue to occur giving the game a semi-ARG for fans to keep their eyes on social media accounts for.

In the world of Aida players will be able to create their own uniquely customized character to explore the post-apocalyptic anime landscape and cities. When out exploring you'll face all kinds of robots and creatures in combat. You'll be able to climb, glide, and swim around the world to explore it further. For those who like adventuring with friends there will also be co-op so be sure to hop in with a buddy.


Tower of Fantasy Pre-Registration Rewards

There is also a pre-registration campaign currently occurring where certain levels of pre-registration will net you bonus items. The Pre-registration rewards are:

  • 500,000 players: Astra Frame x1, Black Nucleus X2, Wholegrain Bread X10, Gold x2888.
  • 1 million players: Limited Title x1, Black Nucleus X3, Fried Chicken X10, Weapon Battery III X4.
  • 1.5 million players: Gold Nucleus X3, Avatar:Zeke x1,Sizzling Meat X10, Gold x3888
  • 2 million players: Jetpack Paint: Orion x1, Gold Nucleus X3, Crispy Grilled Fish x10, Weapon battery III X4
  • 2.5 million players: Outfit: Star Sand X1,Gold Nucleus X4, Nut Tea X10, Gold X6888."

As of July 21st it was announced that the 2.5 million tier had already been reached and as of yesterday it had reached 3 million, this means that all known tiers have already been met, but there will be hidden milestones added so if you haven't registered there's still time to.

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