How to Get 50+ Free Tower of Fantasy Pulls

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As a free to play title, Tower of Fantasy locks most of its more powerful equipment behind gacha banners. While the currency needed for pulls can be bought with real money, there are a number of launch events and rewards that will give early players a head start. In our How to Get 50+ Free Tower of Fantasy Pulls guide, we’ll detail the ways you can earn lots of weapons and other goodies without spending a dime.

Tower of Fantasy Pulls using the Gold Nucleus gacha banner

How Do Tower of Fantasy Pulls Work?

Gacha banners in Tower of Fantasy are known as Special Orders. You gain access to these early on in the story, partway through the quest “Trip to the Barren”. This takes around 20 minutes to complete, longer if you watch cutscenes. If you’re rerolling, then you must create a new account and progress the story this far once again.

Special Orders use Nucleus as a currency, coming in 3 different colors:

  • Gold Nucleus are used for the standard banner, known as Choice Weapons.
  • Black Nucleus are used for a similar banner to the Gold one, but without a guaranteed chance of getting SR or SSR weapons after a certain amount of pulls.
  • Red Nucleus are used for the limited time banners.

For Gold and Red Nucleus banners, you’re guaranteed 1 SR after 10 pulls, with a guaranteed SSR after 80. The Gold Nucleus banner also has a hidden guaranteed SSR after 30 pulls — this isn’t shown in the menu, unlike the 80 pull pity. Pity carries over between banners, meaning you’ll always be guaranteed an SSR after 80 pulls.

Additionally, each Gold and Red Nucleus spent on pulls will convert to tokens of that respective color, which can be spent directly in the store on SSR weapons and other items. Red tokens will convert to Gold ones after a limited banner is over, so make sure to spend them before that happens.

Dark Crystals are an additional currency primarily earned via completing quests and world events, which can be traded for Gold and Red Nucleus, amongst other things. With limited banners usually having the newest rewards, it’s generally best to trade Dark Crystals for Red Nucleus.

For a full breakdown on Tower of Fantasy’s various currencies, check out our Tower of Fantasy Currency Guide.

Free Sources of Tower of Fantasy Pull Currency During Launch

Most of Tower of Fantasy’s launch celebration rewards can be earned without playing much of the main story — the main requirement is completion of the quest “Ecological Station Intruders”.

For starters, accounts registered within 180 days of launch (February 6/7, 2023 depending on time zones) will earn 10 Gold Nucleus and 500 Dark Crystals via the Milestones tab. Additionally, there are weekly login rewards of 10 Nucleus — 10 Gold for week 1, 10 Red for week 2.

Tower of Fantasy Free Gacha Currency to celebrate App Store milestones

An early 10 Gold Nucleus reward is also currently being offered until August 17, to celebrate Tower of Fantasy being at the top of multiple regions’ storefronts.

Progressing through the story also unlocks Starpath Navigation, a series of simple tasks that reward points. Available for 21 days after character creation, Starpath Navigation rewards include 5 Gold Nucleus and, more importantly, an SSR weapon of your choice.

As for long term rewards, a single Gold Nucleus is being offered alongside a cosmetic item during the first 3 weeks of launch. Meanwhile, the 4th and 5th weeks will offer 2 and 6 Red Nucleus respectively. Additional rewards will be offered after this, though currently only 3 free Red Nucleus have been announced at this time.

Outside of the game itself, it’s also possible to earn rewards via Twitch streams. A number of items, including Nucleus and upgrade materials, are being offered to those that watch enough Tower of Fantasy streams. The rewards and watch time required are:

  • 0.5 hours - 1 Black Nucleus, 1 Vanguard Trailblazer title
  • 1 hour - 50 Dark Crystals, 5 SR Relic Shard Boxes
  • 2 hours - 100 Dark Crystals, 10 SR Relic Shard Boxes
  • 3 hours - 1 Gold Nucleus, 15 SR Relic Shard Boxes
  • 4 hours - 2 Gold Nucleus, Illusory Link avatar frame

Tower of Fantasy Gift Codes

Every now and then, players can enter codes in-game to earn smaller rewards. Codes are entered in the Rewards menu, found by clicking on the gift icon at the top right. These change frequently, though a few are currently being offered during launch:

  • ILOVETOF - 1 Gold Nucleus, 5 Weapon Battery II
  • TOF666 - 1 SR Relic Shard Box, 8888 gold
  • TOF888 - 1 Black Nucleus, 10 Crispy Grilled Fish


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