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Tower of Fantasy is a new open world anime inspired RPG. In it players are able to create their own character and set out through the techno-fantasy story of a world trying to rebuild from after a calamity. A big part of the game though is your weapon choice, and while there are plenty of regular weapons that you'll come across the ones that you'll want to keep your eye out for are the Simulacrum weapons that aren't just a weapon, but also a transmog to change up the look of your character. In this Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Guide we'll go over how to get more Simulacrum, their purpose, and talk about Simulacrum Awakening.

The Simulacrum are AI representations of beings that used to be in the world. It's essentially an AI that's been built into a weapon that you can choose to adopt the look of. You'll acquire a few of these Simulacrum through regular story progression and you even earn one as part of the tutorial. These Sumilacrum are the weapons that have the highest potential to evolve so will be the weapons that you keep as part of your arsenal.

These weapons can come in a variety of forms including Swords, Spears, and Hammers for melee attacks, and Bows and Cannons for ranged fire. On top of what physical form they take they'll also have an elemental affinity to them. These elemental affinity can change up how much damage you'll be able to do to certain enemies, but will also alter certain things in the overworld that you can interact with. For example there are tar covered protrusions coming out of the ground across the map, if you deal fire damage to them then they'll reveal a Purple Nucleus.

Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum - How to obtain Simulacrum?

Simulacrum are the SR and SSR pulls from the Tower of Fantasy Gatcha System.

  • You can collect Purple Nucleus and perform a regular Special Order - These have flat odds but you can find Purple Nucleus in abundance across the world so you'll be doing a LOT of these as you spend time exploring the game
  • You can collect Gold Nucleus to perform the named Special Order - The Gold Nucleus are a bit harder to come by but there is a pity system involved here. You're guaranteed at least one SR or SSR every 10 pulls, and after completing 90 pulls you're guaranteed a SSr pull
  • There is also a Red Nucleus but during our time playing so far there hasn't been a Special Order that required it

Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum - What happens if I get a duplicate?

If you've gone through all of the hard work and effort to collect Purple and Gold Nucleus and you pull a character that you've already obtained then don't worry. For the extra SR or SSR cores that you obtain will be converted into Flame Gold. Once you have a certain number of this Flame Gold you can just outright purchase the specific character you want from the store. For an SR core, you'll earn a single Flame Gold, but an SSR duplicate will net you ten Flame Gold.

Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum - What can I do with my Simulacrum?

At its most basic the Simulacrum weapon can be equipt to your character to be used in battle. You can upgrade these using Weapon Batteries that you pick up through your adventure. After certain milestones you'll have to spend different special items to "unlock" the weapons next level of potential where you can begin pouring Weapon Batteries and Gold into them to create a force to be reckoned with.

The weapons select screen of Tower of Fantasy showing off a few Simulacrum weapons

From the Simulacrum screen you can also activate the Simulacrum so that you take on the personality and look of the character the weapon is based on. This is a cosmetic change that will give you a bit more variety in the appearance of the player character. Like this you'll also get unique voice lines that will give you a bit more insight into who the Simulacrum is.

Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum - What is Simulacrum Awakening?

Once you reach approximately Level 18 and are near the end of the Astra Shelter questline before moving to the main continent you'll unlock the Simulacrum Awakening screen.

On the Simulacrum Awakening screen you'll have a variety of options that will not only allow you to power up your Simulacrum further but also learn more about their character:

  • Information Tab - This will give you an overview of what benefits you'll earn from awakening your Simulacrum
  • Gift Tab - This is where you can give your Simulacrum gifts, it is also where you can learn what types of gifts your different Simulacrum like the most. The better the gift is the faster the Simulacrum will be able to awaken
  • Voice Tab - Here you can hear the different voice clips from the character
  • Archive Tab - This tab supplies you with a written history of the character. When you first unlock a Simulacrum you'll be limited with how much information is in this tab, but as they awaken you'll be able to learn more and more about them


Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum - What are Simulacrum Story Quests?

As you play through Tower of Fantasy you'll have the opportunity to play through different questlines that are related to different Simulacrums. These quests will allow you to learn more about each character's backstory and during moments of the quest you will even have a chance to be "taken over" by them, adopting their appearance and weapon. This is not only a fun way to learn more about the history of the world but is a good chance for players to test out different Simulacrum weapons before you start looking too intensely at your chances of pulling a certain Simulacrum from the Special Order system.

The Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Story Select Screen


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