Total War: Pharaoh Introduces the Playable Factions of Egypt

Published: July 6, 2023 6:52 PM /


Total War: Pharaoh

Today Total War: Pharaoh developer Creative Assembly and publisher Sega released a new video of the upcoming strategy game. 

The video focuses on introducing the playable factions, including Ramesses, Seti, Tausret, ad Amenmesse for Egypt. Each of them has individual strengths which make their path to power quite different, should you choose them. They even have unique mechanics and buildings.

Of course, each leader also has their own unique units, which contribute to making their armies different as they fight among each other to determine the new ruler of Egypt before looking to external threats. 

While there are more factions among the Hittites and from Canan, these are not included in this video and will likely get their own down the line. 

The video also showcases the variety of units that you'll be able to recruit during your campaign. Interestingly, different kinds of troops can be recruited from different areas of the Kingdom. This is quite interesting, considering that Total War games set in a single country or culture suffered from a lack of unit variety in the past.

You can watch the video below. 

Total War: Pharaoh will release exclusively for PC on Steam and Epic Games Store in October 2023. A precise release date has not been shared just yet. If you'd like to see more, you can enjoy the original revealthe first gameplay, and a recent development diary.

If you prefer a less historical setting, an extensive roadmap for updates for Total War: Warhammer 3 has been revealed a few weeks ago. While Pharaoh is coming out this year, Creative Assembly still intends to continue supporting its popular rendition of Games Workshop's fantasy IP for a long time, well into 2024 and even beyond. 


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