Almost 170 Million People Have Watched The Super Mario Bros. Movie In The Cinema

Published: August 3, 2023 4:32 AM /


Mario, flanked by Princess Peach, riding a kart along Rainbow Road in a promotional poster for The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo has released some stats for the phenomenally successful The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it turns out the movie was pretty darn successful, to nobody's surprise.

As part of its latest financial report, alongside sales stats for hardware and software, Nintendo also included a summary of The Super Mario Bros. Movie's performance.

As of July 30th, the movie had been watched by 168.1 million viewers, and that number is likely to have increased slightly since then as well.

That's not even counting home streaming, either; the 168.1 million figure solely relates to theatrical box office numbers.

Box office revenues totaled $1.349 billion as of July 26th, making The Super Mario Bros. Movie the most financially successful original movie based on a video game.

It's also by far the highest-grossing animated movie based on a video game, although the competition from cinematically-released animated game movies is pretty thin.

According to Nintendo, the movie's positive audience reception around the world is helping the company build "a lasting affection" for Mario as an IP.

The gaming giant also points to The Super Mario Bros. Movie's success as a driving factor in increased Mario merchandise sales, as well as sales of "smart device apps".

Nintendo says that the movie's success will drive it to pursue more "visual content-related initiatives", so hey, we might get that Legend of Zelda movie after all.

If you haven't seen it yet, The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a cinematic adaptation of everyone's favorite plumber.

Rather than being specifically based on a single game or story, the movie draws from all kinds of Mario media, including Mario Kart and Donkey Kong.

Released on April 5th, the movie was preceded by colorful ad initiatives like a nostalgic website and an appearance by Bowser voice actor Jack Black at New York Comic-Con.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is available to buy right now on home media, and it's also widely available on streaming services.

Given the movie's success, I wouldn't be surprised if you find it still playing at your local theater too.


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