Jack Black Surprise at NYCC Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Reveal

Published: October 6, 2022 5:34 PM /


Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

Thousands of people crowded into the Empire Theater at New York Comic Con today to get their first look at the world premier of the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer. If there was any question about how excited people are for this movie, those concerns should be laid to rest: the standby line wrapped around the corner and all the way down the hall.

Fans in Mario and Peach cosplay waited patiently, while NYCC staff members helped direct the hectic traffic into the theater to get the show started right on time. The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer Nintendo Direct was aired simultaneously at New York Comic Con as those around the world were able to tune in to get their first look at Bowser, Toad, Koopas, and the man of the hour himself: Mario. Only Mario quickly became an afterthought when a certain star took the stage to remind everyone who this movie is all about... 

Jack Black as Bowser at New York Comic Con

Jack Black Was a Pleasant Surprise for New York Comic Con Attendees

Almost immediately after the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer finished, the audience heard an amplified ominous voice backstage. Maniacal laughter filled the theater before Jack Black himself came out to thundering applause and a standing ovation. He came dressed for the part, in a fiery shirt and a Koopa Shell backpack that he threw into the crowd, a decision he quickly came to regret as he took his seat on a throne on stage.

The Jack Black New York Comic Con Q&A was fairly short but reinforced the relationship the actor has had with the Super Mario series throughout his entire life, all the way back to when he would play the original arcade game. He demoed a little bit of his Bowser voice for the audience and shared with us all that the only way to get into character for this role was to play a lot of Mario

Jack Black at New York Comic Con Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer reveal

As expected, Black was coy about the exact details of what we can expect from the movie, but he did describe Bowser as misunderstood and insecure, and that he's also a bit of a heavy-metal rocker... allowing Jack Black to tap into his rock & roll roots for the role. Will we get to see Black use his musical talents as Bowser in the Super Mario Bros. Movie? We're sure to find out on April 7 when the Super Mario Bros. Movie release date hits us. Hopefully fans will be able to wait that long, as the excitement in the theater was electric.

Bowser in Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

Everyone Was So Excited for the Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Premier

The majority of people will have watched the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer at home, at work, or maybe together with friends and family. The excitement across the internet will be felt in the months ahead, but the tangible emotion of the people in the theater as we got glimpses of the Super Mario Bros. Movie in real time was unbelievable. I kid you not, a few people sitting behind me started crying (with joy) when Mario appeared on screen. Fans were screaming their excitement, and everyone was so happy just to share this moment together. It also helped that the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer was actually extremely well done. 

Mario in Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer

Super Marios Bros. Movie Trailer Reveals So Little But So Much

The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer was fairly short and to the point, ensuring to not reveal too much at these early stages, but it did serve to answer some key questions: What will Chris Pratt's Mario voice be like? How will the animation style look? What tone is this movie going for?

I was surprised just how scary the trailer opens, with Bowser's ship blasting fire down and him decimating the frozen castle with his fire breath. It shifts tones drastically from the dark and brooding Bowser to the colorful landscape of the Mushroom Kingdom, with a very confused Mario landing, presumably, for the first time. We get a brief glimpse of what can be assumed is Princess Peach's Castle in the distance and even see Luigi running for his life. Jack Black assured us there are many easter eggs packed into this trailer, leaving much for long-time Mario fans to dig into before the Super Mario Bros. Movie release date. 

The trailer is now out in the world, and seeing Jack Black at the New York Comic Con Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer reveal was a delight for everyone who made the trip to Manhattan today. 


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