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Stardew Valley Pokemania Mod outside of Barn with several pokemon

Stardew Valley is known for being one of the best relaxing and wholesome games to have come out in the past decade, but people are always wanting to spruce up games with something else. Not much hits close to making things feel cozy than a shot of nostalgia with one of your favorite IPs, as the Stardew Valley mod Pokemania: The Return captures by replacing numerous parts of the world with a variety of Pokemon.

What is the Stardew Valley Pokemon Mod?

Titled Pokemania The Return, it is a mod by The Krominator that was just released and currently features over 50 Pokemon. After years of being unable to work on mods, Krominator had time to do so at last, and his first was to reimagine and rebuild the Pokemania mod to take into account various updates and some new changes.Various animals and creatures are replaced by Pokemon, as well as a variety of Pokemon hanging out in locations. For example, your choice of cat or dog has now been replaced with a combination of Growlithe, Electrike, or Poochyena for the Dogs, and Shinx, Skitty, and Meowth for cats.


Farm animals are similarly replaced and feature that you can raise: Mareep, Xatu, Piloswine, Hippowdon, Combusken, Gogoat, Bagon, Psyduck, Nidoran, Girafarig, Grumpig, Banette, and Prinplup instead of other animals. Some of them are fairly clear replacements (of course Mareep replaces Sheep, and Combusken replaces Chicken), while others one wonders a bit where they go exactly. A number of other Pokemon can be found by venturing through the mines, and others can be found in various locations just living in the Valley.

Stardew Valley Pokemania Mines

Other than Pokemon themselves, other elements carryover from the Pokemon universe as well. You will find berries, Pokemarts, Pokecenters, and even Team Rocket. Nor is the mod being left where it is, as Krominator wants to add more Pokemon, add music from the Pokemon games as well as Pokemon cries, aquarium fish animation handling, and having castform change appearance based on weather.


How do you install the Stardew Valley Pokemania Mod?

First, you need to install SMAPI, which is a tool that lets you use mods in Stardew Valley. The instructions for that are all set up easily on the Stardew Valley wiki. Then, to install Pokemania The Return, you head over the Nexus Mods where it is available to download for free. After you've downloaded it, you unzip it and put it into your 'StardewValley\Mods' folder. If you don't have a mods folder, create one. With all of that done, you should be able to just run the game via the path you set up with SMAPI.

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