Skyrim Mod Gives Game a Dark Mode for Menus

An example of the inventory UI in Skyrim with the Dear Diary Dark Mode mod.

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Skyrim Mod Gives Game a Dark Mode for Menus

January 3, 2022

By: Brian Renadette

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Bethesda Softworks
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November 11, 2011 (Calendar)
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In the world of Skyrim modding, one mod is ringing in the New Year with improvements to the UI. Dear Diary Dark Mode provides a variety of quality of life improvements to the game's HUD and UI, most notably being a dark mode that's easier on players' eyes.

Created by uranreactor and released on New Year's Day, the main purpose of Dear Diary Dark Mode is to change the game's UI and HUD into one that's similar to SkyHUD and SkyUI, two other popular mods for changing the menus and HUD. However, this version replaces the menus with a more fantasy-esque style, using black backgrounds with a soft gold for the font (although players can choose to use plain white instead) that's easier on the eyes. This interface works automatically with any aspect ratio, has some new optional UI sounds, and is compatible with the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim.

The UI and HUD updates cover a wide variety of the menus in Skyrim, including magic, skills, and more. Many of these changes are based on other mod work that uranreactor has worked on in the past. Dear Diary Dark Mode was made with compatibility in mind and can be used out of the box with most other mods and will even autodetect some of these mods so it can work properly with them. It's even possible to use it with incompatible mods if users let those mods overwrite Dear Diary Dark Mode's files. The UI will lose some visual consistency if you do this, however.

Dear Diary Dark Mode and instructions for properly installing it can be found here on Nexus Mods. It requires SkyHUD and SkyUI in order to work.

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