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Five Nights at Freddy's is well known for its convoluted "timeline" but also for the bizarre behavior of its developer, Scott Cawthon. Cawthon is an enigma in the gaming industry and doesn't seem to be involved in any particular circle, but has managed to single-handedly develop five games related to the incredibly popular franchise. He has also become well known for three things: releasing his games early and without warning, leaving cryptic hints in everything he does, and punking his audience and anyone who happens to be watching. Sister Location has seen a great deal of the last two given its significantly longer development time and Cawthon's valiant attempt to actually honor his set release date. sister-location-cancelledThus far, Sister Location has been "cancelled" or "postponed" twice. It was cancelled once many months ago after a "leak". Cawthon announced that because of the leak he would not finish the game. The "leak" was shared by a voice actress Cawthon had hired, and it was determined it was intentional and that the cancellation announcement was likely to draw attention to it. An image that simply said "CANCELLED DUE TO LEAKS" was posted on Cawthon's website. When brightened, however, it showed a secret message. Once again, it was a fake. The latest, however, seems to have fooled most, including several gaming news sites. On October 4th Cawthon posted an announcement on the Steam page for Sister Location saying that he was considering postponing the game because he felt it was too scary, and he wanted to make something "kid-friendly". Several news sites reported this as true, such as Kotaku and PC Gamer, and some in the Five Nights at Freddy's subreddit took it to heart, though others suspected it was a prank.

fnaf-sister-location-fake-gameLater, Cawthon updated the post, claiming he would release the game in chapters, and that the first chapter was on GameJolt. If you download the game, however, you are greeted with a pixelated mini-game style "survival" game and the joke becomes clear. Obviously, this is not the "mature Sister Location" and the postponement is a joke, though it may contain some hidden plot points, but that is yet to be discovered. Whether this prank is simply to drum up more hype for Sister Location, or in response to actual complaints Cawthon received about his games being "too scary" is unknown or an attempt to deliver ideas through another method. Five Nights at Freddy's has gained significant popularity with younger audiences, however, while there are darker themes the games are mostly appropriate enough children can enjoy them. Sister Location is likely in the same vein, but we will have to see when the game is released on the same date as planned, October 7th.

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