Pokémon Go Update To Add Legendary Pokémon

Gaming article by Luigi Savinelli on Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 17:41
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Do you remember Pokémon GO? You should as it created quite a ruckus the past year. Judging what the news and the internet said about it, it seemed like it could be the saving grace of humanity or the bane of us all. Turned out to be a game that had a huge impact for a while before dropping back to normal. Despite way less people playing the game than at launch, Pokémon GO still has a pretty decent player base. For the first anniversary of the game, Niantic decided to do something that everyone wished it would come to be a long time ago in this new Pokémon Go update: they are going to add legendary Pokémon to the game.


Legendary Pokèmon will, of course, function a little differently than regular ones. Gyms will have a chance to spawn a legendary egg. When the egg hatches, it will release a legendary pokémon that players will be able to fight. It's impossible, of course, to defeat such mighty beasts by yourself. Battles against legendary pokémons are basically raid battles, where many trainers can join the party to strike down the enemy. Once the legendary pokémon falls, all who took part in the battle will have a chance to capture it.

The first legendary Pokémon will be revealed during the Pokémon GO Fest event in Chicago. During the event, players from all around the world will have to collaborate in order to have the creature appear. Once spawned, the nearby trainers will be able to fight it and, if they manage to win the battle, the defeated Pokémon will start to appear in other raid battles around the world after the Pokémon GO Fest.

To some, this move may be seen as too little too late. It's also true that there's still not an insignificant amount of people that play Pokémon GO despite the drop in numbers after launch. It will be interesting to see if this event, united with the summer season, will allow the game to gain more momentum.

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