Plague Knight DLC Now Available for Shovel Knight

Published: September 18, 2015 3:18 AM /


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The Plague Knight DLC, Plague of Shadows, for Shovel Knight was announced a while ago, and now it is finally here. It prominently features one of the bosses from Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, along with additional features added to Shovel Knight as well. Best of all, the DLC that promises new bosses, a new story, and more is completely free on all consoles where Shovel Knight is available.

The biggest part of the Plague Knight DLC is obviously the adventure starring said knight. The adventure is the same Shovel Knight had to go through, only this time it is Plague Knight taking on the task with an all new story to go with it. Not all will be the same though as levels players may be familiar with will have new hidden paths and secret areas to discover. Players can also look forward to Plague Knight specific feats (achievements).

Plague Knight features a completely different gameplay style with new mechanics to go with it as well. Instead of the trusty shovel, Plague Knight uses alchemy to create explosives and bombs to propel him through a level. Players will be able to create their favorite bombs as well and customize jumping and their arcana, allowing for thousands of variations.

In addition to the new playable character and adventure, the Plague Knight DLC comes with a challenge mode that has 10 Shovel Knight courses and 5 for Plague Knight. There are also 32 Boss Challenges as well, which will change the conditions of the fight—such as low health, a time limit, etc.

Keep in mind that this Plague Knight DLC was one of the stretch goals of the Shovel Knight Kickstarter and is the first of three DLCs featuring bosses chosen by the community. The first was obviously Plague Knight, but keep an eye out for Specter Knight and King Knight as well, which should each get a similar DLC to go with them. It's also worth noting that the stretch goal for the Battle Mode was reached as well, which promises that all Shovel Knight bosses will be playable in a battle royale mode.

What do you think of the Plague Knight DLC? Have you had a chance to try it out? How does Plague Knight's gameplay feel in comparison to Shovel Knight?


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