Shovel Knight No Longer Getting Physical Xbox One Release, Sees Price Increase

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Shovel Knight No Longer Getting Physical Xbox One Release, Sees Price Increase

October 8, 2015

By: Kindra Pring

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The long awaited physical release of Shovel Knight is not going 100% as planned, as developers Yacht Club Games announced that their retail copies will be going for a higher price than originally and at a later date. As well, the Xbox One release is indefinitely postponed. Yacht Club made the announcement Thursday, offering as much explanation as possible for the changes. 

Shovel Knight was initially going to be released on all major consoles for $19.99. They said that, due to rules about "bargain" pricing, they were upping the price, explaining that "We didn’t want our ‘bargain priced’ game to go straight to the bargain bin of obscurity, so we had to raise the price." Those who have already pre-ordered copies of Shovel Knight will still be able to pay the original $19.99 however. In order to further justify the price increase, Yacht Club announced every copy would also include the digital soundtrack. The soundtrack is currently available on a pay-what-you-want basis on Bandcamp

[caption id="attachment_58048" align="alignright" width="300"]Even Plague Knight Can't Seem to Deal With The Restrictions Put on the physical release of Shovel Knight. Even Plague Knight can't seem to deal with the restrictions put on the physical release of Shovel Knight.[/caption]


Additionally, Yacht Club said that they would no longer be releasing Shovel Knight on the Xbox One, barring further negotiation with Microsoft. Yacht Club told TechRaptor that, due to a nondisclosure agreement with Microsoft, they cannot reveal the exact reason why Shovel Knight cannot be released on the console. However, they assured their fans that they will continue trying to push for a release. The digital version of Shovel Knight is still available on Xbox One and will continue receiving updates. (It should be clarified this is almost definitely not because of any parity rules, which were fully repealed earlier this year). 

The update also included details about a potential Vita release, which will not happen by the holiday season, though Yacht Club continues to investigate it (Shovel Knight is available for digital download on Vita however). Also, the anticipated Shovel Knight Amiibo is still in the works, and Yacht Club hopes to determine a final release date soon. The new release day for Shovel Knight is November 3rd in North America and October 30th in Europe, in order to allow developers to put the finishing touches on the Plague of Shadows content that will be included. 

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