Shovel Knight Amiibo Official, Out in November

Shovel Knight Amiibo

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Shovel Knight Amiibo Official, Out in November

August 30, 2015

By: Robert Grosso

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The Shovel Knight amiibo is real. 

After a longstanding rumor of a Shovel Knight amiibo began circulating last week, which came to a head through a deleted post on twitter by U.K retailer GAME. The post stated that the Shovel Knight amiibo is not only real, but will be released in November. 

The twitter post has since been deleted, but was screen-caped, leading to further speculation on the validity of the tweet.


Shovel Knight Amiibo GAME Tweet

Nintendo has pulled the curtain back, officially revealing the existence of the amiibo in a Nintendo direct video released on August 27th. The video, created by youtube personalities the Game Grumps, showcased the amiibo reveal with Yacht Club Games, the studio behind Shovel Knight

The Shovel Knight amiibo will unlock a special Co-op mode for the Wii U version of Shovel Knight, and will also unlock special challenge stages and customization options for both the Wii U and 3DS version of the game. The reveal trailer did not mention an official release date for the new amiibo, but it is likely to be around late November, to coincide with the previous GAME tweet that was leaked. 

Shovel Knight is a 2-D side scrolling platform game that was successfully kickstarted back in 2013.  The game has you play the titular character who must attack and jump using your trust shovel. The game has been quite popular since its official release in 2014, and has spawned several versions across multiple platforms, including the PS3 and PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

The exclusive content is not unusual either. Playstation versions of Shovel Knight contain a special boss battle against Kratos from God of War, while the Xbox One version has Shovel Knight fighting the Battletoads. In addition to the amiibo features, the Wii U version also contains an online message system similar to what is found in the game Dark Souls, while the 3DS version contains a mode called the Streetpass arena. Yacht Club Games is also releasing a free update to Shovel Knight, titled Plague of Shadows, which is due out soon.


So what do you think? Are you excited for more Shovel Knight? Do you like the new amiibo? Leave your comments below. 

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