NYCC 2019: Sea of Thieves Announces The Seabound Soul

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NYCC 2019: Sea of Thieves Announces The Seabound Soul

October 12, 2019

By: Courtney Ehrenhofler

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As it’s my third year covering New York Comic Con for TechRaptor, it was also my third year attending the wonderfully pirate-y Sea of Thieves panel, this year hosted by Adam Park, Peter Henze, Mike Chapman, and George Orton. Along with a look back at this year’s progress came a look to the future, news of new Tall Tales and our best pirate impressions for the annual photo.

First up was a look at the new Sea of Thieves Origins comics coming out, which we were all given exclusive preview copies of. Telling the stories of Madame Olivia, Mollie, and Humphrey the Gold Hoarder. No general release date has been announced, but the book will be coming soon from Titan Comics.


Talking about the comics, the team from Rare revealed that they do consciously try and keep a shared continuity between all of their multimedia expansions – what happens in the game is connected to the comics, to the book, etc. In turn, the expanded universe has had its own impact on the game and led to the creation of the Tall Tales sections, a place in the game to tell more linear stories and expand the lore.

Speaking of Tall Tales, the team exclusively revealed that there will be a new set of Tall Tales coming soon to the game. While no definite dates were mentioned, they said that the first tale will be called The Seabound Soul and that those looking for updates should check Shipwreck Bay. Additional teased future tales include new hidden areas to explore, bringing merfolk into the game more, and new monsters to face.

Are you excited to play The Seabound Soul? What clues have you uncovered for the new story in Sea Of Thieves' Shipwreck Bay? Let us know in the comments below!


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