Sea of Thieves Details Guilds Coming in Season 10

Rare has detailed Guilds, a big new feature coming in Sea of Thieves with Season 10. Here's what they mean for you. 👀

Published: October 16, 2023 1:21 PM /


A guild in Sea of Thieves

Today Rare and Microsoft provided a new look at Guilds, a major new feature coming to the game-as-a-service Sea of Thieves in Season 10.

Basically, having a guild is like having your own trading company. You can earn Guild reputation by hunting for treasure and participating in PvP.

Each Guild can host 24 players and each player can be part of or even own up to three guilds. You can join any existing guild, as long as you're invited. If you own at least a ship you can form your own. 

When you form a guild you can create its unique identity with a name, motto, and emblem. Then you'll pledge one of your ships to the guild. Each member can do the same, and when a ship isn't used by its owner, all members of the guild can enjoy it, so each guild can have up to 24 shared ships. 

Role Clothing You can Unlock With Guilds in Sea of Thieves

An interesting aspect of the shared ships is that they retain all the decorations and trinkets as set by their owner, so it's a good way to show them off. On top of that, all adventures enjoyed on a shared ship contribute to its milestones.

The Guild Chronicles will let you stay connected with your guild, listing all relevant events. You can also see all ships that are being used at any given moment and their crews, so you can join on the fly. 

You can opt to sail as an Emissary of your guild, and any treasure you bring back increases the value of your Guild Emissary Ledger. This lets you unlock titles, decorative ornaments, and magical paintings. 

When a guild reaches level 100 in reputation they earn a Distinction. Each pledged ship has a plaque on the mast which will visually upgrade every time a Distinction is earned. 

Among the shared rewards for guilds, there is Ship Role Clothing, representing a navigator, a helmsman, a cook, or a cannoneer. You can access this only as long as you remain in this guild, but other rewards will remain with you even if you leave. 

Season 10 will arrive in just a few days on October 19, after having suffered a significant delay a couple of months ago. Sea of Thieves is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. 

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