New Super Smash Bros Melee Mod Adds Wolf, Volleyball and More

Published: January 21, 2021 11:31 AM /


A screenshot of the volleyball mode in a new Super Smash Bros Melee mod.

Despite being nearly twenty years old, Super Smash Bros Melee continues to be one of the most popular entries in the series and a frequent target of mods. A newly launched mod known as The Akaneia Build adds a variety of new features to the venerable fighting game.

Released yesterday evening by a group known as Team Akaneia, The Akaneia Build adds new "viable and authentic" content to the twnety-year-old game. The mod is powered by a system called "m-ex" that allows for the "streamlined expansion of content" with the game. However, it's well known that Nintendo isn't a fan of mods, even if they'd allow for online tournaments with their older games. So it might be worth picking up this mod before Nintendo slaps it with a DMCA.


So far, The Akaneia Build has several major additions to the base game. Character-wise, every pre-existing character has one new alternate outfit, but what's more interesting is the addition of an in-development version of Wolf O'Donnel from Star Fox. The Akaneia Build also adds a variety of stages to expand the "Past" stages from the original Super Smash Bros. Of particular note is the Metal Cavern stage, which was used in the first game's single-player mode when players face off against Metal Mario. Finally, The Akaneia Build adds a new volleyball mode where players smash a volleyball instead of each other. Players can juggle the ball on their side of the field, but it'll explode in their face if they hit it five times in a row, so be sure to share the ball!

You can download The Akaneia Build's current version (0.5) here. The mod is also compatible with Dolphin, Nintendont, GCN, and Slippi, a mod that allows rollback netcode to the game's online functions.

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