New Super Smash Bros Melee Mod Adds Wolf, Volleyball and More

01/21/2021 - 11:31 | By: Brian Renadette
New old stages, volleyball, and Wolf.

Despite being nearly twenty years old, Super Smash Bros Melee continues to be one of the most popular entries in the series and a frequent target of mods. A newly launched mod known as The Akaneia Build adds a variety of new features to the venerable fighting game.

Released yesterday evening by a group known as Team Akaneia, The Akaneia Build adds new "viable and authentic" content to the twnety-year-old game. The mod is powered by a system called "m-ex" that allows for the "streamlined expansion of content" with the game. However, it's well known that Nintendo isn't a fan of mods, even if they'd allow for online tournaments with their older games. So it might be worth picking up this mod before Nintendo slaps it with a DMCA.

So far, The Akaneia Build has several major additions to the base game. Character-wise, every pre-existing character has one new alternate outfit, but what's more interesting is the addition of an in-development version of Wolf O'Donnel from Star Fox. The Akaneia Build also adds a variety of stages to expand the "Past" stages from the original Super Smash Bros. Of particular note is the Metal Cavern stage, which was used in the first game's single-player mode when players face off against Metal Mario. Finally, The Akaneia Build adds a new volleyball mode where players smash a volleyball instead of each other. Players can juggle the ball on their side of the field, but it'll explode in their face if they hit it five times in a row, so be sure to share the ball!

You can download The Akaneia Build's current version (0.5) here. The mod is also compatible with Dolphin, Nintendont, GCN, and Slippi, a mod that allows rollback netcode to the game's online functions.


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