Lost Paws Lets You Play As An Adorable Stray Doggo

Lost Paws is a newly-announced doggo sim in which you play as a stray wandering the streets of a huge open world, and it's coming to Steam sometime this year

Published: June 14, 2022 10:41 AM /


Our dog hero sitting on a street corner in Lost Paws

There aren't enough games that let you play as a dog. Thankfully, Lost Paws is here to rectify that. It's an open-world canine survival game in which you play as a stray wandering the streets of a huge city, and it's due to hit Steam sometime in the last quarter of 2022.

What kind of game is Lost Paws?

If you've ever wished the soon-to-be-released Stray was set in the modern day and featured a dog, you wouldn't be a million miles away from Lost Paws. You are a stray doggo trying to make a life for yourself in a huge human city, and you'll need to use every tool at your doggy disposal to survive. That means interacting with a wide variety of humans, meeting other dogs (and almost certainly sniffing their butts), and engaging in various other canine hijinks. Frankly, the name of the game alone is already breaking my heart.

The dog facing down the pizza guy in Lost Paws
For all dogs everywhere, it is time to take revenge on this villain in Lost Paws.

How will Lost Paws' gameplay work?

Developer Dungeoneering Studios is promising a rather interesting gameplay cocktail for Lost Paws. Since the game was inspired by Goat Simulator (which is finally getting a long-overdue sequel), there will be a wacky physics engine in place that will let you headbonk all sorts of creatures and objects. The devs are also promising "an RPG system" to let you play however you like. If there's no dog skill tree that lets you upgrade your urination ability, then I'll be writing strongly-worded letters to Dungeoneering. You'll also be able to customize your dog with all manner of different hats, as well as going on "various special missions". I'm already intrigued about what that entails.

The dog hero facing down the toilet in Lost Paws
There's no point telling him not to do it. He's just going to do it anyway.

Lost Paws is currently slated to launch for Steam in Q4 2022, although we don't have a more specific release date than that just yet. Still, you can wishlist the game on Steam right now if you want to keep up with its progress. I'll be watching this one with interest; while "can you pet the dog" is clearly a very important question to both gamers and marketers alike, "can you be petted as the dog" is a road far less traveled. Stay tuned for more on Lost Paws.

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