Can You Pet The Dog Cited In Monster Hunter Rise Marketing Plans

Monster Hunter Rise shows off a canine companion

Published: December 15, 2020 10:46 AM /


A shot of the main character riding his dog companion in Monster Hunter Rise

Marketing materials for Monster Hunter Rise cited Twitter account Can You Pet The Dog as a core reason for including a dog-petting feature in the game, according to a leak by a prominent Monster Hunter Rise Twitter miner.

Can you pet the dog in Monster Hunter Rise?

This news comes to us via Monster Hunter Rise Twitter miner and researcher AsteriskAmpersand. The user tweets that there's "an entire marketing ppt (PowerPoint presentation) devoted" to why Monster Hunter Rise should include the ability to pet the dog. This presentation "directly cites" Twitter account Can You Pet The Dog, which is dedicated to answering whether or not it's possible to pet dogs in a variety of video games. The marketing presentation also includes screenshots of the account's retweet count, proving that being able to pet the dog is an important inclusion to gamers. Unfortunately, the images AsteriskAmpersand included of the presentation have been DMCA'd, but you can still see the original tweet here.

Specifically, the dog you'll be able to pet in Monster Hunter Rise is the Palamute, a dog-like companion you'll also be able to ride. The Palamute was originally announced alongside the game itself back in September. If you pre-order Monster Hunter Rise, you'll get a ridiculously adorable Retriever costume for your best bud, who is getting some good pets in the trailer there, showing the focus on this feature. If you're not much of a dog person, you don't need to worry - Monster Hunter Rise will also feature the ability to pet your scouting buddy Cahoot (yes, Cahoot is modelled after an owl).

What does this leak tell us about Monster Hunter Rise PC plans?

Alongside news of dog-petting, AsteriskAmpersand also revealed some potential information about Monster Hunter Rise on PC. While Capcom hasn't confirmed that the game will come to PC yet, an internal document (note: there's an error in this tweet regarding currency conversion which was later corrected in a separate tweet) discovered by AsteriskAmpersand shows that Capcom is clearly thinking of porting the game. The document shows the level of marketing assistance Nintendo would provide for Capcom depending on how far from the Switch release a potential PC launch would be, with the amount decreasing as the PC release draws closer to the Switch version.

The player, a Palamute, and an important NPC in Monster Hunter Rise
Leaked documents suggest a Monster Hunter Rise PC version is in the works.

The same Monster Hunter Rise Twitter researcher also points to PC specs that have been produced for the game. These specs would imply an uncapped framerate, direct mouse input, and an optimized UI, as well as variable resolution and FPS scores. There's also a board meeting that references extending a collaboration between Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 to the PC versions of these games, as well as an internal presentation that supposedly treats the Rise PC version as a certainty. As you can see, while there's no definitive statement regarding Monster Hunter Rise on PC, this evidence looks pretty favorable for an eventual PC version of the game.

There's plenty more interesting stuff to check out over on AsteriskAmpersand's Twitter account if you're a Monster Hunter aficionado and you're looking for more Rise details. We'll have more for you on this as soon as we get it.

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