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summer game fest 2022 announcements

Geoff Keighley returns this summer to kick off what will be many more streams full of announcements to come. From World Premieres to games we are already familiar with, here are all of the announcements from Summer Game Fest 2022.

Street Fighter 6 - Guile Gameplay

The show starts with Geoff talking about the announcement of Street Fighter 6. He has also announced the introduction of a new character complete with a trailer. Guile is back. Complete with his air force base map, his sonic boom attacks, and a new beard and denim jumpsuit. Street Fighter 6 is set to come out in 2023.


Aliens: Dark Descent Announced

Next up, a brand new game announcement has come. Produced by Focus Home Entertainment and 20th Century Studios. The trailer is moody, showing a team of marines dealing with some dangerous mission. Everything is dark and full of industrial metal, the technology the Marines using appear to be flamethrowers and motion trackers. Yes, a new officially licensed Aliens game is confirmed. The trailer continues with the fireteam barely escaping an ambush of xenomorphs. The official title is Aliens: Dark Descent.

It is slated to release in 2023.

New Callisto Protocol Gameplay Footage Shown

Geoff continued the show with raw gameplay of The Callisto Protocol. First, a new trailer was shown. This appears to be a “Director’s Cut” Of the trailer shown earlier this month during Sony’s State of Play showcase with additional scenes of blood and scares, including a very “Dead Space” esque stomp and strike attack. Otherwise, the trailer showed the same material. The main hero appears to be in a correctional facility on a moon fighting for his life against horribly mutated monstrosities.

As for the gameplay, Glen Schofield, the CEO of Striking Distance Studios took the stage to oversee the new footage, talking about the difficulties of the team working on the title through COVID. Much like the Dead Space series, The Callisto Protocol is presented in a third-person over-the-shoulder perspective. The main hero walks through a medical bay, complete with holographic displays showing inmates going made and attacking the staff. A new weapon, The Grip, was shown off and appears to work similarly to Dead Space’s telekinesis module or Half-Life 2’s Gravity Gun.

The demo then shifted to a later section, the hero wearing a full suit of armor and fighting more mutated monsters, including ones that spew acid. His weapons are more advanced as well with new holographic displays. The demo ends with a gratuitous death scene with the hero getting chopped up in a turbine.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Footage

Next up, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 took the stage. Johanna Fares hosted the sequence, confirming the promotional material that classic CoD characters like Captain Price, Gaz, and Ghost would be returning. The level shown off was called Dark Water and opens with the cast on speed boats traveling through a storm to an oil rig. The presentation is cinematic with multiple camera angles before shifting to a first-person perspective.


The level invokes the opening mission of 2007’s Modern Warfare with covert forces moving through a key location and silently taking out hostiles; music and sound is minimal. Eventually, the level escalates with emergency flares going live and the crew rushing to stop the launch of a missile. All in all, it is a quintessential Call of Duty campaign mission with a silent opening, rising action, a complication of the mission at hand, an action setpiece - in this case a gun battle on a storage freighter with cover and terrain shifting and moving due to the rising tide of a storm, and a door breach.

The demo ends with a sizzle reel and the game’s release date of October 28. Pre-order now and get access to the open beta.


As the demo ended, several representatives from Infinity Ward took the stage to talk about the game, including the reimagining of Task Force 414 and its new wind and water physics shown off in the mission demo. They also talked briefly about Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, a completely separate version of the Battle Royale game that is separate from the other Call of Duty Warzone, and the mobile version of Call of Duty Warzone.

Flashback 2 Announced

Next up, Geoff showed off a 30 year later sequel to an older franchise. It appears that Flashback 2 is happening. It is set to release in Winter 2022.

Witchfire Gameplay Footage, Early Access Soon

Afterward, Geoff provided an update for Witchfire, the dark fantasy first-person shooter announced back in 2017. Now we have a gameplay trailer. The main hero switches between different weapons, including a flaming SMG while fighting demons and skeletons. There also appears to be a fast and dynamic acrobatic movement system similar to Doom Eternal and the ability to cast magic spells like freeze blasts, fireballs, and shockwaves. It will be entering Early Access soon on the Epic Games Store.

Fort Solis Announced

Next, a new indie project from Fallen Leaf Studio, was announced. The trailer shows what appears to be an intense sci-fi horror game with red lights. The game is called Fort Solis and it is heading to Steam. The main character who narrates the trailer was voiced by Troy Baker, who then took the stage alongside another prominent voice actor Roger Clark. The game also stars Julia Brown.

According to Baker, the game is meant to be a “tight thriller” invoking inspirations like Dead Space and the sci-fi film Moon directed by Duncan Jones.


Routine Shown Off First Time in Forever

Following that is a new space game. This one will include a new musical score produced by Mick Gordon of Doom Eternal and Killer Instinct fame. The trailer is big on mood with dark shadows and unsettling industrial environments. It is an odd blend of what appears to be a storage facility and a commerce building. The main character is hiding from dangerous robots. The game is called Routine and it is being published by Raw Fury. It is coming to Xbox and PC. It was announced ten years ago, now it has a new trailer.

Stormgate Announced

A new game and universe was announced by former Blizzard devs. Find out more about the sci-fi RTS here.

Indie Game High Water Announced

The new indie game, Highwater was shown off next. It appears to be a post-apocalyptic title with the main character exploring a flooded Earth ravaged by climate change, their boat speeding through ancient ruins and searching islands for supplies, all with moody music. It is set to release sometime in 2022.

American Arcadia Announced

Following that was a new title called American Arcadia by Out of the Blue studio. The trailer shows off a 1960s art deco-style utopia…before cutting away to a character running away from the law. The game is coming soon to PC and console.

Goat Simulator 3 Announced

Next up, we finally get an update on the long delayed Dead Island 2…actually it’s a follow-up to Goat Simulator by Coffee Stain Studios. The trailer even parodies the The Bomb trailer for Dead Island 2. Goat Simulator 3 will be coming out soon for the Epic Games Store.

Midnight Suns Release Date Announced

An update shortly followed for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the tactical action game by Firaxis Studios. The new cinematic trailer showed off new characters, including Venom, Spider-Man, and a corrupted demon version of The Hulk. The game is set to release on October 7 and includes a pre-order bonus costume for Doctor Strange inspired by his time with The Defenders.

Cuphead Delicious Last Course DLC

Following up on that, we got a confirmed release date of the long-delayed Cuphead Delicious Last Course DLC. This will include new levels, new boss battles, and a new playable character Chalice Girl. The presentation then showed off a new boss battle against an ice-themed character, showcasing Chalice Girl’s unique gameplay style.

Neon White Release Date Announced

Next, a new trailer was dropped for the PC and Nintendo Switch action game, Neon White. The game is about a group of assassins sent to do the dirty work of heaven. If they do enough jobs, they get to go to heaven. The game appears to be a mix of FPS, card combat, and dialogue. It is slated to release June 16.

Midnight Fight Express Announced

Next up, a one-man production indie experience, Midnight Fight Express was shown. A third-person isometric action game complete with gunfights, brawls, and car chases. The one-man project has actually gotten help from other developers, lending their titles to the project. A demo for it is live right now on Steam.

Warframe The Duviri Paradox

Next up was Digital Extremes with a showcase of new content coming to their sci-fi space ninja action game, Warframe. The devs confirmed that their newest content, The Duviri Paradox will be coming soon. The following world premiere trailer continues the dark sci-fi story, showing adult characters riding alien monsters, cryptic robots, and lingering questions. More info will be coming July 16th during TennoCon.

Honkai: Star Rail New Trailer

Next up is a new game from Genshin Impact developer. The game is called Honkai: Star Rail, and it appears to be an anime space opera experience. Aliens, interdimensional trains, flashy special attacks, giant energy beings, and fantastical weapons including an electric guitar, were shown in quick succession. Honkai: Star Rail will be “coming soon.”

New Zenless Zone Zero Trailer

Following that is the announcement of another new game, Zenless Zone Zero by the same developers. This trailer continues Mihoyo’s anime artstyle, but with an urban cyberpunk sci-fi twist. The characters are seen fighting giant robots with co-op team attacks. Otherwise, not much else is known.

Casey Jones Joins TMNT: Shredder's Revenge

Next up, Geoff announced a new detail about the upcoming TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge game: a new playable character. Yes, it appears Casey Jones, the hockey mask clad delinquent will be joining the turtles in the fight. The trailer also confirms that 6-player co-op will be included. The game is slated to release June 16.

New One Piece Odyssey Trailer

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of One Piece, a new trailer was shown for One Piece Odyssey. The game is a JRPG and will center on Luffie and the Straw Hat pirate crew as they are stranded on a mysterious island. The game’s story is written by the original creator and will include the various staples of the genre: dungeons, boss battles, loot, and unique settings.

Soul Hackers 2

Following that is new info about the upcoming Atlus JRPG, Soul Hackers. The new trailer showed off new English voice actors for the game, as well as some new footage of the Shin Megami Tensei spin-off. It is set to release August 26.

Metal: Hellslinger Demo Out Now

A developer update for Metal: Hellsinger followed shortly after. The developers talked about the heavy metal-inspired FPS, confirming that many different talents in the genre, including Serj Tankian, will be adding their skills to the game’s soundtrack. A demo is out now for all platforms and the full version will be coming out on September 15.

Nightingale Gameplay Trailer 

Next up, a closer look was given to the survival game Nightingale. The game is in first-person and seems to cover the same survival game staples. Get food and water, build weapons and shelter, try not to die. The big twist is the introduction of Realm Cards. These open up portals to other worlds, some of which are hostile and dangerous, others might include different civilizations that could help you. No release date has been given.

Build Your Own Boss in Saints Row: Boss Factory, Out Now Free

Following that was a new trailer for Volition Studios’ reboot of Saints Row. The trailer showcased the new overhauled character creator, allowing you to be whatever body type or gender you want. The trailer also showcased Saints Row’s distinctly anarchic irreverent comedic action with monster trucks, flying jets, and explosive action.

New Warhammer 40k: Darktide Gameplay Trailer

Following that was a closer look into Warhammer 40k: Darktide. It is coming out on September 13 on PC and on Xbox as a console exclusive. This is a follow-up to Fatshark studio’s Warhammer Vermintide games, and is essentially a four-player co-op game. The trailer shows off hordes of enemies being chopped and shot up. Powerful melee weapons are used, special attacks are showcased including what appear to be psyker abilities, and playing objectives like getting batteries into a generator.

Bloober Team's Layers of Fear Announced

Next up, a new survival horror game has been announced by Bloober Team. It appears to be a return to the Layers of Fear franchise. This new installment is being built in Unreal Engine 5. The trailer is packed with psychedelic imagery and hellish sights. The game is officially called Layers of Fears and it will be coming out next year.

Gotham Knights Nightwing Showcase

Next, the floor was given to the DC action game, Gotham Knights, developed by WB Games Montreal. The trailer showed off new footage of the hero Nightwing, including parkour, beating up baddies with his escrima sticks, and a paraglider gadget. The trailer also showed off different outfits and looks of the masked hero. The game is set to release on October 25.

The Last of Us Part II Multiplayer Details

Next up, the director of The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann, took the stage and talked with Geoff. They talked about how the day marks two years since the release of The Last of Us Part 2. Druckmann has confirmed that what was originally planned multiplayer content for The Last of Us Part 2 has now expanded into a standalone experience. It will have its own unique cast of characters and set in a different part of the United States while still being in the world of The Last of Us. More info will be coming next year.

The Last of US TV Show Update

Following that is an update on the live-action The Last of Us show coming to HBO. The last day of filming is tomorrow, and Druckmann confirmed that he got to direct an episode of the show. Druckmann even showed off a still of the episode showing off Pedro Pascal as main character Joel. More info will once again be available next year.

Next, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson took the stage alongside Druckmann. Both of these actors confirmed they have their own roles in the live-action TV adaptation. As for how big those roles will be, everyone involved were tight-lipped on the matter.

The Last of Us Part One Remake Officially Announced

Druckmann and Keighley did also confirm the leaks were real. A complete remake of The Last of Us Part 1 for the PlayStation 5 is coming. They even have a trailer showing off the various locations from the game. It is coming out on September 2 2022 on PlayStation 5, with a PC version to follow.

And that wraps it up!



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