Japan Is Getting Gaming Cup Noodle Designed for Gamers; Contains Caffeine & More

Published: September 5, 2023 12:42 PM /


Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle Packaging

Japanese people love gaming, and they definitely love cup noodles, so Nissin Foods just announced the match made in Snacking Heaven.

The iconic cup noodles manufacturer is about to launch two products explicitly dedicated to gamers, the Gaming Cup Noodle and the Gaming Curry Meshi

To be more specific, the full names are Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle - Energy Garlic & Black Pepper Soba, and Nissin Gaming Curry Meshi - Energy Ginger Keema Curry. 

The first is likely going to be more familiar to the Western audience, as the Cup Noodle product is relatively well known on this side of the Pacific Ocean.

Nissin exports it to many countries and it often makes the news with fun collaborations with video games and pop culture IPs.

It comes with the iconic wavy noodles, a soy sauce-based broth with garlic and black pepper for an addictive taste, and it contains Caffeine, Arginine, and Niacin for an additional energy kick, on top of Nissin's "mysterious meat" (which is actually seasoned minced pork), shrimp, egg, and cabbage. 

Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle - Inside the Cup
Here's what's inside the Gaming Cup Noodles (left) and Gaming Curry Meshi (right). 

Curry Meshi is another popular cup product by Nissin, and it's basically instant curry rice in a cup. 

This one comes with rice, pork-based curry roux flavored with vegetables like onion, tomatoes, and a hint of ginger for a fragrant and spicy taste, soy meat, carrots, and the energetic Caffeine, Arginine, and Niacin concoction. 

Both products will be released across Japan on Monday, September 18, and are priced at 280 yen ($1.90 at the current exchange rate) plus tax for the Cup Noodles and 298 yen  (just south of $2) plus tax for the Curry Meshi. 

They're specifically designed so that you won't get your peripherals and hands dirty while you snack between matches. 

Since I'll be in Japan for Tokyo Game Show when they launch, I suppose I'd have to let you know whether they're any good or not.

I do enjoy the occasional Cup Noodle, so what can go wrong? The caffeine may help me stay awake during the long nights writing previews and transcribing interviews for your perusal. 

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