IO Interactive Reveals New Content Coming To Hitman 2 In May

Published: May 4, 2019 2:40 PM /


hitman 2 roadmap

IO Interactive has laid out its May roadmap for Hitman 2. New content coming to the game includes new targets, contracts, and more.

First up, it's the return of Sean Bean as Elusive Target "The Undying" Mark Faba, as was previously announced. This Target will be available for players to take on until June 3rd. You'll be heading to the Miami map for this one. Eliminating Mark Faba will net you Lil' Flashy, a cute little flash grenade disguised as a robot. Completing this mission will count towards Elusive Target suit progress, so get going. Mark Faba's mission is available to download right now for players who have access to Miami.

May 9th sees the introduction of a new Escalation Contract. The Sweeney Scrupulousness takes players to Miami once again. Players must eliminate targets while dressed as a medic and using only an amputation knife. Later stages of the Escalation will add more challenges and wildcards to test players' skills. IO Interactive says these missions are "about the gameplay challenge ahead of the realism", so don't expect too much adherence to reality.

On May 16th, a new Challenge Pack will drop for Hitman 2. This pack takes place entirely within the New Zealand-based Hawke's Bay map and adds four new ninja-themed challenges to the game. Completing these challenges will unlock the Tanto, a traditional Japanese sword. You can use this weapon in melee range or throw it at your enemies. Remember: it's still stealth if you don't get caught.

Release your inner creative with a new Featured Contracts theme on May 23rd. This time, the theme is "Party Crasher". IO says it keeps its Hitman 2 Featured Contracts themes open-ended on purpose to encourage interpretation and creativity. To submit your idea for a contract on this theme, head over to the submission thread before May 20th. Not crazy about creation? That's fine. May 23rd also has a new Escalation Contract for players to tackle. This time, Agent 47 is heading to Mumbai for The Chameleon Anonymity. There will be three stages, each of which will contain new targets, requirements, and complications. IO Interactive says this one is all about the disguises, which makes sense given its name.

Two more things are happening in Hitman 2 this May. First up, on May 28th, it's a new update. This patch will add a number of improvements and fixes to the game to tune up the experience. Finally, on May 31st, two new Elusive Targets will be released which players must take out on the same map- the first time a double elusive target has happened. 47 is heading to Sapienza for this one to take out The Guru and The Congressman. These two targets have appeared in Hitman before, but not in the same map. Happy hunting.

There's lots to do for Hitman 2 fans to get stuck into this May. Remember, all of this stuff is free to those who own the game. While you wait for the new content, check out TechRaptor's review of the game or check out what else is coming this year.

Which part of the Hitman 2 May roadmap has you most excited? Let us know in the comments below!


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