Hitman 2: Miami Pack Released - Includes The Undying Elusive Target Mission

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On the same day that IO Games brought its April Update live, it launched its first Hitman 2 DLC pack to get a jump start on May’s content plans. The Hitman 2: Miami Pack is available starting April 30, 2012, for gamers looking to add a bit more pizzazz to their assassinations or searching for an elusive foe who only plans to stick around for a limited time.

What’s In Hitman 2: Miami Pack?

Players who snap up the first major DLC for Hitman 2 get exclusive access to the following out of the gate:

  • Hawk’s Bay (New Zealand) and Miami (USA) Locations
  • Nightcall mission in starter area
  • Escalations, Featured and Elusive Target Contracts in all zones
  • Ghost Mode: Miami
  • Spring Break Challenges
  • Blue Flamingo Outfit
  • Himmelstein mission for Sniper Assassin Mode
  • One last chance at defeating “The Undying”

Many of the contracts feature the same level of challenge players have come to expect from the game, with Nightcall serving as an introduction to test the mettle of Hitman 2 aficionados and make sure they’re up to the assassin’s standard. It’s not all work and no play, however, as you can deck your hitman out in the Blue Flamingo mascot costume upon completing a variety of Spring Break challenges, and the pack adds even more for players who are willing to team up or go head-to-head in the co-op and multiplayer Sniper and Ghost Modes.

Hunt Down “The Undying” Sean Bean Once More

Hitman fans who purchase the DLC will get one last chance to accept an Elusive Target Contract to defeat “The Undying,” a legendary assassin played by Sean Bean who has faked his death enough to be worthy of the title. Note that players will only get one chance, between the dates of May 3 and June 3, 2019 to complete this contract. Failure means that “The Undying” escapes death, and your Hitman, once more.

The pack retails at $14.99 at release and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One.

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