Hitman 2 September Roadmap Shows Off New Map, Targets

Published: September 6, 2019 5:58 PM /


Hitman september roadmap

Today IO Interactive has announced the September roadmap for Hitman 2, giving players another month of new contracts, maps, and tools to use.

The first bit of content actually started yesterday, with two new Escalation Contracts. One, called The Dalton Dissection, sees you taking the role of a bank robber in New York. The other, called The Covert Dispersal, has you returning to Whittleton Creek to help quietly take care of some officers at a party. On September 12th there's another Escalation Contract, this one a sniper mission in Mumbai named The Dubious Cohabitation. Completing it will unlock an all-new cashmerian suit for Agent 47. The following day, on the 13th, one of the limited time elusive targets returns, giving you 10 days to try and take out The Blackmailer in Paris. Another Escalation Contract shows up on the 19th, this one called The Merel Revelation and takes place in Santa Fortuna. Completing it gives you access to the emetic grenade, which causes anyone hit by it to throw up.

September 24th comes with the biggest addition, the new map of Haven Island. The final map coming with the expansion pass, the events of Haven Island take place directly after New York's story. Haven Island will launch with two missions, named A Silver Tongue and A Bitter Pill, both of which will continue the overarching story. In addition, on the 24th will be a general update, which will include "fixes to all aspects of the game, including issues reported by our community." More details on what exactly will be in that update will be revealed later. Finally, on September 27th another elusive target returns, with The Angel of Death coming back to Marrakesh. You'll have another 10 days to hunt down this target.

Hitman 2 is currently available to purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Expansion Pass is also available, and is necessary to get the Haven Island map.

Excited for the next round of content? Going to relax on the beach? Think Agent 47 would look good in nothing but swim trunks? Let us know in the comments below!

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