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Head Writer for Fallout: London Mod Joins Bethesda

Published: August 23, 2021 9:39 AM



The Fallout: London mod, a mod that uses the Fallout 4 engine to create a Fallout game set outside the remains of the United States, has announced a change in staff. Their head writer, Stephanie Zachariadis, has left the team after being hired by Bethesda.

This news was announced a couple of days ago on the project's official Discord and a screenshot of the Discord announcement was shared in a tweet a couple of days ago. The message expresses that this is "utterly fantastic news" and wishes Stephanie the best at her new job. She won't be able to work on Fallout: London due to an industry-standard rule about potential conflicts of interest that could arise due to working on the game itself and a mod for it. Stephanie has won plenty of industry-standard awards with her writing, as well as smaller but still admirable awards such as the Nexus MOTM.


This does leave the obvious concerns about losing a project head. Fortunately, Stephanie has worked hard on finishing everything she needed to get done, and the story is now set in stone. This means that when a new head writer is recruited, they would simply be working on writing the remaining dialogue. In the meantime, project head Prilladog will be working with the creative director until they find a new head writer. If you're interested in helping finish the writing for Fallout: London, you can apply on the recruitment channel of the project's Discord.

The base game, Fallout 4, can be found on Steam and a variety of other platforms. As for Fallout: London, it's PC-only and there's no word on when it will release, but you can find its official site here.


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