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To state the obvious would be to say that Fallout 4 has proven to be launched in a buggy and incomplete state, with the latter largely referring to missing PC-specific features, such as Field of View and unlocking the framerate. It should then come as no surprise when the top mod on the Nexus (at time of writing) is an interface that allows people to conveniently edit the .ini file to enable various priceless featured. Let us sit together and have a look at how Bethesda's incompetence is yet again being compensated by a myriad of skilled geniuses, and what madness has already been created by these masters of imagination in their Fallout 4 mods.

Modders Already Fixing Fallout 4 - ini toolThis Fallout 4 mod lets you skip the optional ini configuration minigame that came exclusive with the PC version ...

Starting off with something useful right off the bat, Grasmann has created a somewhat bare-bones (but still impressive given the short time after Fallout 4's release) mod manager for managing .esp files and (un)installing mods. A pretty vital tool, so one would think that's something Bethesda probably incorporated themselves ...

Modders Already Fixing Fallout 4 - mod manager mod

And you would largely be right. Only they didn't want you to find it. A faux-mod on the Nexus shows you where to click to open the Data menu. You need to click on a specific area in order to open it. Please do actually check out the page itself for additional information and instructions on making a small required .ini edit

Modders Already Fixing Fallout 4 - data file managing faux modWhy, Bethesda? Tell me why!

But then we reach into the range of more ambitious projects. FPOP (Fallout for PC Overhaul Project) bundles together a number of already-available Fallout 4 mods (and plans to add more), making the installing process easier overall than installing the mods individually while offering a pack that apparently will improve the quality of the game. Bundle projects like these have always been quite popular with the games made by Bethesda Game Studios.

So too did Skyrim first know a rise in complete overhaul mods, a peak reached for those once installing mods had become increasingly user-friendly, largely through the efforts of the creators of intuitive and/or powerful mod managers, such as Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer. So too can we expect overhauls to rise in popularity until Fallout 4 reaches a point where modding becomes accessible enough for people to not need overhauls in order to have complex mod builds of their own.

Modders Already Fixing Fallout 4 - FPOP

Another type of mod that you can't stay away from are the retexture mods. A painful confrontation that many game developers still believe that the texture standard for PC is the same as those for consoles. Thankfully, we again have modders who spend their precious time retexturing the eyesores that inhabit Boston and its surroundings. The Pipboy gets a 4k treatment, while the Office furniture gets a new lick of wasteland paint. Even the moon already has it's own improvement!

Modders Already Fixing Fallout 4 - texture improvementsOr you could retexture the Chessboard like the tactics enthousiast you are

The real classics are the cheats. Modify your carry weight or use a batch file to smoothly give you all the junk with little hassle through console. But the joke mods are back as well, with John Cena himself (not really) celebrating whenever you level! Maybe a Fallout 4 mod that changes your Power Armor head lamp to a picture of the well-known PC Master Race face? Or Arnold SchwarzeDogmeat ...

Modders Already Fixing Fallout 4 - pony stats image replacerOr, well ... this

And last but not least, a Fallout 4 mod that serves to improve performance for low end machines. The ULG (Ultra Low Graphics) mod reduces load for "old/weak desktops and most laptops" by means of decreasing quality and memory features that would strain the machine. The author says he has noticed a 5fps bump between normal Low and ULG's Ultra Low. However, he laments that most of Fallout 4's graphics settings are hardcoded and impossible to change. Grass cannot be fully disabled and textures cannot be "skipped" like Skyrim could.

Modders Already Fixing Fallout 4 - ULG

What has become painfully obvious is that our fears have yet again been proven justified. Fallout 4 is a mess, littered with issues that leave the modding community to fix or mend them, without proper modding tools as of yet! Bethesda will continue to do this as long as they can still get away with it, relying on the pre-order culture that is plaguing us all and knowing all their mistakes will be fixed without their effort. In truth, we are addicts, hungry for our next hit. Even if that hit is poorly fabricated and miles away from the strength and beauty it once seduced us with. We want it so bad, we'll gladly offer our money beforehand and tell our dealer he can ship whatever tosh he wants—he already has his payday.

I want all of you who pre-ordered to stand up, introduce yourself and say "... I am an addict."

Good, maybe we'll learn yet.

Where do you stand? Do you see the pre-orderers as sheep, or are the benefits worth it to you? And why?

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