Gundam Evolution Network Test Was a 'Giant Success,' Producer Says

Published: April 15, 2022 2:59 PM /


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The Gundam Evolution Network Test on PC was a "giant success" according to the game's producer Kazuya Maruyama -- and a console network test is coming soon.

Gundam Evolution is the latest game based on the long-running Gundam franchise of anime, manga, and games. As one part of the upcoming Gundam metaverseGundam Evolution has been gaining buzz as more people learn about it. Now, Bandai Namco Online has shared some hard numbers on the success of a recent playtest along with the promise that console players will soon get their turn.


Over 90,000 Players Joined the Gundam Evolution Network Test

Going purely by the numbers, the Gundam Evolution network test was pretty successful. A total of "around 91,500" players participated around the world -- not bad for a game that has been flying somewhat under the radar.

"Since we launched our first Network Test in Japan last August, we were excited to find out what the reception outside Japan would be," read a developer blog from Gundam Evolution producer Kazuya Maruyama (via Reddit). "With a turnout of around 91,500 players joining from Japan, US and Canada, we definitely see this latest PC Network Test as a giant success. For players who joined, 30% played for over 5 hours and 10% of our players played over 10 hours, which is well beyond our original expectations. Our entire staff are honored that so many FPS fans and Gundam Fans in Japan and North America enjoyed playing GUNDAM EVOLUTION!

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Gundam Evolution Console Network Test Coming Soon

Considering the success of the Gundam Evolution network test on PC, it should come as no surprise that a console network test is on the way, too. We don't yet know if the console network test will come to PlayStation and Xbox at the same time or if it will arrive at different times for each console.

You should keep in mind that this is an actual test and not a marketing beta. While there's plenty of fun to be had, you should expect the possibility of connection issues and/or unbalanced gameplay. Test dates and further details will be announced at a later date.

Gundam Evolution is looking like it's going to be a pretty fun shooter whenever it comes out later this year. For now, you can add Gundam Evolution to your wishlist on Steam and you can learn more about the game by visiting its official website.




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