Gundam Metaverse to Be Created by Bandai Namco

Published: March 29, 2022 2:47 PM /


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Bandai Namco has revealed ambitious plans for the "Gundam metaverse project" during the 3rd Gundam Conference held today, aiming to merge the worlds of anime, games, music, and Gunpla.

The Gundam universe spans multiple mediums including anime, manga, music, and movies. Naturally, these also include toys and video games such as Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy and Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON. Now, Bandai Namco is going to be connecting all of these worlds together with the announcement of its Gundam metaverse.


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How the Gundam Metaverse Will Work

As Automaton reports (via Nintendo Life), today was the 3rd Gundam Conference in Japan. One of the many announcements made was the reveal of the Gundam metaverse project.

While Gundam is probably best known for its anime and anime movies, it also partakes in a number of different other mediums. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Manga - Japanese comics.
  • Movies - Live-action movies.
  • Music - Songs created for (or licensed for) animated shows and live-action movies; there are also audio drama CDs.
  • Video Games - All sorts of video games, including releases on PC, console, and arcade over the years.
  • Gunpla - A portmanteau of "Gundam plastic," representing models that fans assemble piece by piece.
  • Toys - All sorts of toys, ranging from inexpensive capsule toys to highly-detailed models of iconic Gundam units

Gundam fans may participate in one or more of these hobbies, but they are not necessarily connected together. Gunpla enthusiasts, for example, may not be participating in the same communities as fans of the anime alone.


Bandai Namco aims to change all of that by creating a virtual community for each of the major categories of Gundam fandom. These virtual communities will be represented by a space colony in the sector "SIDE-G;" the first of these colonies will be dedicated to Gunpla enthusiasts. This will subsequently expand with an eSports-dedicated colony in 2023; all of these colonies will be linked together via Bandai Namco IDs.

Interestingly, the Gundam metaverse project is not just a way to connect together fans of different mediums and hobbies -- it also serves as a template for other Bandai Namco properties to be connected together in a similar fashion. For now, you can look forward to the latest Gundam game coming down the pipeline by adding Gundam Evolution to your wishlist on Steam.

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