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Gundam Evolution is now available on PC, bringing its own take on the hero shooter genre. Its starting roster of 12 free-to-play units each has a number of unique skills, and it can be hard to decide where to start. In our Best Beginner Gundam Evolution Units guide, we’ll go over some of the best choices for those that are starting out.

Gundam Evolution Unit Basics

Before getting into each unit specifically, it’s worth going over the main parts that make up a unit in Gundam Evolution. Units have a set amount of health (between 800 to 1400), and all can regenerate their health after staying out of combat for a few seconds. All units also have access to sprinting, dashing, and hovering in the air. The only difference between units (outside of a couple moving in a unique way) in this aspect is the number of dashes that can be done. The fastest units can dash three times, on top of any movement skills they may have.

Unit skills are split into active and passive skills, with the vast majority being active. Active skills are tied to cooldowns, with some also having a separate requirement other than just pressing the right key — GM can’t use its Shield Bash if its shield is unavailable. Between active and passive skills, a unit will have four skills in total. Most also come with an alternate fire on their main weapon, though this can sometimes be as simple as increasing accuracy.

Finally, G-Maneuvers (think ultimate abilities) are powerful skills that charge up over time, or by dealing damage. They charge relatively slowly, meaning you’ll generally only get to use them 2-3 times in an average round. Combining multiple G-Maneuvers at once is an easy way to capture objectives or keep the opposing team at bay, so make sure to coordinate with your team when you can.

With those basics in mind, here are the Gundam Evolution units you should try out when starting the game.

Best Gundam Evolution Units For Beginners

Gundam Evolution units MVP screen for Pale Rider

Pale Rider

Pale Rider is the most basic unit you could choose in Gundam Evolution, filling a similar role to Soldier 76t in Overwatch and Viktor in Paladins. It has access to a machine gun, grenades, and a healing pod that can help out allies. The moveset works well and is easy for beginners to pick up. At 1000 health, it also has a good amount of survivability, especially when combined with the repair pod.

HADES, Pale Rider’s G-Maneuver, further cements this simple to understand playstyle. All HADES does is boosts the damage and reload speed of your machine gun, while also boosting movement speed. Just make sure to activate it when behind cover, as the initial animation locks you out of skills for a few seconds.

Gundam Evolution units MVP screen for GM


GM is a deceptively tanky unit, having only 800 HP but a sturdy 1300 personal shield and AOE repair grenades. Said shield can also be used while using your primary fire, letting you get up close and personal. And, despite having a gun, GM is definitely meant to be played at close range. Between an incendiary bomb that can only be thrown a short distance and the short shield bash, you must be in the frontline to be effective. The Beam Spray Gun also has heavy damage drop off, but its high damage (especially on headshots) at close range more than makes up for this.

The best way to play GM is to have your shield up pretty much all the time while firing, only dropping to recharge or move forward. The incendiary bomb is great for cathcing enemies behind corners or cover, and can also directly damage units that are shielded.

Gundam Evolution units MVP screen for Sazabi

Best Gundam Evolution Units - Sazabi

Sazabi is a tank in a game that doesn’t have a tank role. This unit boasts the highest health of any unit in Gundam Evolution at 1400, plus another 1400 via its shield. This, combined with a deadly shotgun, makes Sazabi a menace at close range.If high damage and tankiness alone wasn’t enough, you also have surprising mobility in the form of the Homing Boost. This lets you boost towards allies quickly, potentially getting you out of danger.

However, the real use of Homing Boost is in combination with the Beam Tomahawk, which can be lobbed at enemies to stun them. Homing Boost can be used to charge at your tomahawk, whether it’s embedded in an enemy, the environment, or even flying through the air. Not only does this give you extra damage potential, but it also lets you easily flank and reach places other slow units can’t.

Gundam Evolution units MVP screen for Guntank


Perhaps a controversial pick, but Guntank can still be incredibly effective in the right hands. The main gimmick with Guntank is that its primary fire has auto aim, which can be focussed slightly for more damage via the secondary fire. This makes it a good choice for those that are still relatively new to FPS games, as you don’t have to have perfect aim to get some damage out.

Guntank’s other skills also offer some more opportunities for damage, with the Cannon doing good area damage at long ranges. For enemies up close, Rush can be used to deflect attacks and knock units back — it also doubles up as another dash for extra mobility. On the team support side, you also have the ability to repair downed allies faster than any other unit. While this is on a cooldown, it’ll usually be ready before you have to repair another ally.

And those are some of the best beginner Gundam Evolution units. With 12 total free units to choose from, there’s a good amount to experiment with. But picking any of the ones listed above will let you get a good head start in learning the game.


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