Grounded Update 0.5 Revamps The Pond

Published: December 16, 2020 9:45 AM /



The newest update for Grounded, a game where tiny people struggle to survive in a backyard full of bugs and other nefarious creatures, revamps the pond and makes adjustments to building structures and combat. 

Basically, the Pond and Pond Lab have been revamped to give it additional puzzles, gameplay, and secrets to uncover. There are also new underwater caves to find and explore, new Pond Lab outposts, new resources such as Algae and Muscle Sprouts, and new SCA.Bs to collect. There is new crafting content such as Fin Flops+ and Diving Lantern+. All smoothies now have a Plus (+) version to unlock, and there are new language translations, with Russian, Polish, Korean, Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese localizations added.

Check out the update video from Shyla, Obsidian Entertainment's Social Media Manager below:

Spear weapons can now also be thrown into the water, and players can jump out of the water at any location instead of just at the water's edges. Koi Fish can eat creatures and the player, two-handed weapons now deal slightly more damage, Water Boatman now flee at a slower speed and have less HP. Tadpoles flee at a slower speed. The timing between creature attacks is now random instead of the same fixed amount of time, Stamina regen is now reduced while you're actively holding block, and the blocked damage percentage is now based on the weapon type instead of a default 75% across the board.

If you would like to see the rest of the changes made to the 0.5 version of Grounded, be sure to check out the blog post on Steam here. For everything else Grounded-related, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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