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Granblue Fantasy Teases 9th Anniversary Event; Reveals New Jobs, Characters, & More

Published: January 22, 2023 11:43 AM



The second day of the Granblue Fantasy Fest 2022-2023 has concluded at the Tokyo Big Sight venue in Japan, and Cygames shared news and teases about the popular mobile game. 

First of all, if you're here to hear more about Granblue Fantasy Relink, nothing of note was shared today beyond the new trailer, new gameplay, and new screenshots that were showcased yesterday. That being said, we get a calendar of events dedicated to the franchise that may include more reveals going forward.


First of all, there will be a liverstream to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the original game in March. The specific date has not yet been decided, but it's a pretty big event for Granblue fans and we may get some surprises. 

Secondly, the traditional Granblue Fantasy Extra Fest events in Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sendai, and Osaka will happen on May 6-7, June 10-11, July 8-9, and August 5-6 respectively. 


We don't actually know whether anything related to Relink will be shared on these dates, but they're events to mark on your calendar if you're excited about the game and the franchise in general. 

Moving on to content specific to the mobile game, we get the reveal of a brand new trailer for the 9th-anniversary story event that will go live on February 25. You can watch it below. 


Incidentally, the trailer showcases a new character from the Grand series, the humanoid version of Lu Woh. He's voiced by Takuya Sato, whom you may know for roles like Alphen in Tales of Arise, Machias in the Trails of Cold Steel series, and Theo in Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Granblue Fantasy Grand Lu Woh

The anniversary event will also bring a new Class.V job, the "Mana Diver," which wields staves and daggers and fights enhanced by familiar-type critters named "Mana Beri."

Granblue Fantasy Mana DiverGranblue Fantasy Mana DiverGranblue Fantasy Mana Diver


The Valentine's Day event characters have also been announced, Sandalphon and Sen.

Granblue Fantasy Valentine SandaphonGranblue Fantasy Valentine Sen

There will also be a dedicated Valentine skin, and it's a particularly sexy version of Wilnas that certainly drew enthusiastic reactions among the voice actresses on stage. 

Granblue Fantasy Valentine Wilnas


We also get to see a sketch of a new Class.IV job, the Yamato. Nothing more has been shared for now, but it'll be added with the 9th-anniversary update.

Granblue Fantasy Yamato Job

If you're unfamiliar with Granblue Fantasy, it's a mobile JRPG released in Japan in 2014 by a team that counts many veterans of the Final Fantasy series. While it has never been officially released in the west, it's entirely localized in English. Due to that, it has built a solid fanbase outside of Japan as well. 

The franchise officially debuted in the west with the fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus in 2020. The title developed by Arc System Works will get a second chance at success this year when it'll re-release with additional characters, features, and content as Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising for PS5, PS4, and PC.

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