Going Medieval Update Adds Shelves, Racks, And More

A major new Going Medieval update is live, and it's adding some much-requested features to the game

Published: August 9, 2021 8:46 AM /


Peasants farming in Going Medieval

A new Going Medieval update is upon us, and it's a big one. Bringing in lots of new features from the experimental branch of the game, this new update adds extra storage options, bigger maps, and stockpile priority settings, plus plenty more.

What's in the latest Going Medieval update?

First and foremost, the new Going Medieval update adds new storage options. You can now build shelves, weapon racks, and other storage options to help you organize your stuff more effectively. Shelves can store food, textiles, and medicines, and you can build specific shelves to house your books. You'll also find rack options for your weapons and armor, as well as treasure chests able to store up to 2 items from the clothing, weapons, or armor categories.

The new chest and armor rack storage options in the latest Going Medieval update
Chests and armor racks should make storing your Going Medieval gear much easier.

As well as these new storage methods, Foxy Voxel has also added new, larger Going Medieval maps. The devs have opted for 250x250 tiles as the largest map size, as they say their settler AI is not "designed to operate in large areas". This map size will accommodate the mechanics of Going Medieval but should still feel like a significant increase in size over previous maps. As the devs point out, if you still want to access the 320x320 maps of the experimental branch, you can edit the game files to achieve this.

What balance changes are in the Going Medieval update?

In addition to these major features, you'll also see a change to stockpile priority systems in Going Medieval. There's now a dropdown menu on stockpiles and shelving, and settlers will now choose higher priority stockpiles to haul resources to. You can set that priority in the dropdown menu. Settlers will also move items from low priority stockpiles to higher ones, so if there's a particular rack or chest you want to keep stocked, you can now control that directly.

The new stockpile priority dropdown menu in Going Medieval
Changing stockpile priorities in Going Medieval should help your settlers to do what you want.

There are some big balance changes to trebuchet mechanics in this Going Medieval update as well. Trebuchet projectiles won't pass through walls anymore, and trebuchets will now target random structures instead of focusing on one specific spot. They'll fire more slowly, and when their ammo is depleted, enemies will physically exit them to continue fighting.

If you want to read the full list of balance changes, you can do so right here. There's plenty more stuff to sink your teeth into, so if you're a Going Medieval nut - if you have, indeed, gone medieval - then you'll want to give it a good look. If you're not on the Going Medieval wagon yet, you can pick the game up right now in Early Access. It's available on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

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