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Fortnite Sending out Compensation For Lost Loot Due To Bug

Gaming article by Robert N. Adams on Monday, November 20, 2017 - 10:00

Fortnite will be compensating players affected by a loot chest bug that resulted in them not receiving the correct rewards after missions according to an announcement on the game's subreddit.

When players complete a mission in Fortnite, the game will switch to a score screen that details statistics based on the performance of the players. After showing the scores that each player accumulated throughout the match and calculating their gained experience, the game will then switch to a loot screen that will show which level of reward they have earned. Players earn "badges" for a number of different accomplishments including completing the mission, exploring the entire map, and how well they've completed the mission. (For example, a Rescue The Survivors mission only requires that you save 6 survivors, but you can earn better rewards by saving additional survivors before the timer runs out.)


Unfortunately, it seems that the way these rewards have been calculated lately has been affected by a bug. Players would normally get a chest ranging in Level from 1-6, with higher-level chests providing greater quantities of the rewards stated in the mission's description. It seems that the bug resulted in players receiving a lower level chest than they should have and, consequently, fewer rewards.

Epic Games will be rolling out a compensation measure for all players who had been affected by the bug on November 20, 2017. The developers expect that the process will take around a day to properly disperse the compensation to all players who were hit with the bug. Epic has stated that all lost rewards will be granted to all players who ended up with less loot than they should have.

What do you think of Epic Games making up for the loot chest bug in Fortnite? Do you think they're doing enough to compensate players who have missed out on loot for completing missions in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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