Disgaea PC Soundtrack will not contain previously stated tracks

Published: February 18, 2016 8:00 AM /


Disgaea PC Preview

Nippon Ichi Software's Disgaea is coming to the PC in a week under the. This port is of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness which was originally released for the PlayStation 2 back in 2003. Some of the upgrades that are coming to this port include an updated user interface, keyboard and mouse support, and all of the bonus content from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, the PSP port of the game.

For those who are fans of the original and are excited to replay this game on their PC the option was given on steam to preorder Disgaea as a special Disgaea PC: Digital Deluxe Dood Edition version of the game. This bundle includes the game, a digital artbook and a digital soundtrack. The original description (which is still up on the Steam store) for the digital soundtrack read as follows:

Now you can sing, dance and toss all of your friends alongside the official Disgaea PC Digital Soundtrack, dood!

A whopping 32 tracks in one CD!
Get yours today, dood!

Disgaea PC - Digital Soundtrack includes: 

01 - Ode to Laharl (SONG)
02 - Dark Whisper
03 - Welcome to the Dark Castle
04 - Etna Boogie (SONG)
05 - AKUMA Drops
06 - Footsteps
07 - Hysteric Kingdom
08 - Elegant Demons
09 - Witch Hunting
10 - The Anthem of Braves
11 - The Tragic Marionette (SONG)
12 - Dark Adonis
13 - Elegant Dance
14 - Go Little Girl!
15 - Dark Statue
16 - My Comrade (SONG)
17 - Angel of Sorrow
18 - Beam to the Future
19 - Underworld
20 - Great and Wild
21 - Red Moon (SONG)
22 - Running Fire
23 - RosenQueen Netherworld Branch
24 - Fancy Ball
25 - Galaxy Wars
26 - Tiny Bells
27 - Fearless Whisper
28 - March of the PLanet Earth
29 - Ode to Laharl (instrumental)
30 - Battle of Eight Beat
31 - Dark Whisper (instrumental)
32 - Disgaea

It was revealed in an update today via the Disgaea PC Steam community page that due to "unforseen licensing restrictions" the above track list will not be available. Instead the soundtrack will contain 10 remastered songs to get around the licensing issue. This issue also means that the Digital Soundtrack will only be available to those who pre-purchased it, and the remastering process will likely take them till March to accomplish so it will not be available at launch.

The team finish their update stating that once the new track list has been finalized they will post an announcement. On top of that they also apologize and remind buyers that if this has changed their decision on whether to buy the game or not then a full refund can be initiated through Steam.

What do you think of these issues? Should this have been noticed earlier? How do you think they handled the release of this news?


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