Destiny 2's New Emote Costs Almost As Much As The Base Game

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Activision and developer Bungie have been seeing a lot of flack in regards to the Eververse vender in Destiny 2 ever since its launch last fall.  While Eververse was in the first game (I bought the hotline bling emote. Sue me) microtransactions never seemed to rile up the community as much as they did post Destiny 2’s launch and this new $10 Iron Banner emote is adding more fuel to the fire between the developer and the games fan base.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the ever-expanding rift between the games once loyal fan base and developer Bungie, I’ll sum it up in a few short sentences.

Prior to the launch of The Taken King expansion, Bungie announced the implementation of a microtransaction cosmetic only marketplace in Destiny. Originally this store named Eververse featured a handful of contemporary emotes, some shaders, and a few horns for players vehicles. While this wasn’t necessarily loved by the community, Bungie assured players that these cosmetic microtransactions would help fund further development with the live teams and lead to more live events. This turned out to be underwhelming but since Eververse was cosmetic only most players ignored it and went back to grinding nonstop to make the numbers slightly larger.

In Destiny 2 Eververse took on a much more prominent role. Now with the games revamped loot and leveling system, players were given what’s essentially a free loot box every time they level up. While this is generally inconsequential and it is giving players free access to what would otherwise be locked between a hard currency paywall, some more outspoken figures in the industry saw this practice as predatory and invasive, as well as having elements of 'pay to win'. This was also increased by decisions like making Destiny 2's shaders consumable, another decision that sparked a lot of community outrage, and the microtransactions have led to campaigns like #RemoveEververse overtaking official communities at times.


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If cosmetic DLC isn’t your thing then perhaps you would be interested in physical DLC.


While there still isn’t anything terribly game-breaking offered in the store other than a few relatively weak buffs and slightly faster sparrows, the recent expansions have offered new exotic loot that can only be claimed from Eververse gambling and nowhere else.

To put it simply. You can currently pay $9.99 for this emote that’s a direct reference to a monthly pvp event in which you can’t earn it from. Or you could save that money and put it towards a new copy of a Destiny 2 for $14 on Amazon, or $12 on Humble Monthly (which also comes with several unannounced games), then you and a friend can get smoked by yours truly in the crucible.

No word from Bungie if this will be available in the next Iron Banner (with the Iron Banner being another sore topic at points during Destiny 2's life cycle) event

Are you still playing Destiny 2? Did you like the new expansions? Do you miss The Last Word? Is Eververse really that bad or is the community overreacting? Do you think this microtransaction is too expensive?  Let us know in the comments below!

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