Dead Cells Update 35 Enters Alpha Stage, Brings New Curse Weapons And More

Published: August 28, 2023 8:51 AM /


The Collector facing down the main character in the former's lab in Dead Cells

Dead Cells update 35 is officially alpha form, at least. It brings new elements for the iconic Curse mechanic, as well as new legendary affixes and more.

Naturally, you can only access the Dead Cells alpha build on PC, so you're out of luck if you're playing the recently-released PS5 version

However, PC players can look forward to new Curse-related weapons and mechanics. The first new weapon, Anathema, is a projectile weapon that curses you if it hits anything, while the second, Indulgence, deals crit damage if you aren't cursed.

The third new weapon is Misericorde, which crits if the enemy you're attacking has less than half HP. If your attack doesn't kill your target, you get cursed. Better be careful with these weapons.

The player attacking a giant one-eyed boss in Dead Cells
You better watch where you're aiming those cursed weapons.

Three new enemies have also been added in Dead Cells update 35.

First up is Sore Loser, a "cutie who can't hurt you" but who will cling to you and dash through you. If you kill it, you accumulate 3 curse points.

The Doom Bringer, meanwhile, curses you with each attack it hits you with, and if you have 50 stacks of curse, you're dead. I guess that's why they call it the Doom Bringer.

Lastly, there's the Curser, which fires a projectile that - you guessed it - adds curse stacks and damages you if it hits you. 

There are also three new mutations to deal with. Cursed Flask gives your health flask infinite charges, but you'll get 20 stacks of curse each time you heal with it.

Damned Vigor is a mutation that keeps you alive for 2 seconds with 1 HP, and if you kill anything during this time, you get to live. Otherwise, you die instantly after those 2 seconds elapse.

The last new mutation is Demonic Strength, which boosts your damage by 30% if you're cursed, with that bonus increasing by a percentage point for each curse stack.

This new Dead Cells update also adds a bunch of new legendary affixes, as well as a couple of balance fixes and some new head customization for the Beheaded.

You can check out the patch notes for the update if you want more details.

Dead Cells is available to buy right now on PC, consoles, and mobile devices. An animated series based on the game is also in the works and set to air in 2024. 

Not only that, but this won't be the last Dead Cells update by far; the development team has confirmed that updates are planned through 2025. Stay tuned for more on future Dead Cells updates.


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