Dead Cells Everyone Is Here Vol. 2 Update Adds More Indie Crossovers

Published: November 7, 2022 11:19 AM /


A shot of the new Dead Cells Everyone Is Here update, starring characters like Shovel Knight and the main character from Hotline Miami

A second Dead Cells Everyone Is Here update has arrived, and it's adding yet more indie crossovers from some of the most beloved games around. This time, it's the turn of games like Shovel KnightTerraria, and Hotline Miami to enter the diseased world of Dead Cells.

Back in November last year, the first Dead Cells Everyone Is Here update landed, adding content from Hollow KnightHyper Light Drifter, and Blasphemous, among others. Now, a second volume of the massive indie crossover update has landed, and it's got yet more iconic characters, weapons, and skins to enjoy.

From TerrariaDead Cells takes a pink sword that causes star fragments to fall from the sky and damage your enemies. Shovel Knight is contributing the King Scepter and a skin for the titular knight, allowing you to bounce on enemies from above in a similar way to Hollow Knight's Pure Nail.

Shovel Knight bouncing on enemies in the new Dead Cells Everyone Is Here update
The new Dead Cells Everyone Is Here update adds content from Shovel Knight and various other indie hits.

Next up, it's Hotline Miami, which is bringing a baseball bat and a skin for main character Jacket, along with three masks to complement that skin. From Katana ZeroDead Cells gets throwable weapons to stun your enemies, letting you jump in and deliver the killing blow just like in Devolver Digital's brutal indie hit.

One of the more unlikely collabs in this latest Dead Cells update is with indie deckbuilder Slay the Spire. The devs say integrating content from a deckbuilder was "pretty tricky", but they eventually came up with a way to do it. The new "Diverse Deck" turns Slay the Spire's four classes into a single skill, with four different abilities. It's definitely worth reading up on how that works in the update's notes if you're interested.

Last but not least, there's a crossover with Risk of Rain, which adds a Commando skin and the Laser Glaive weapon. It's a devastatingly powerful crowd-control device that bounces around the screen, damaging any enemy in its path. Every time it hits a new enemy, it'll gain damage.

The Dead Cells Everyone Is Here Vol 2 update is available now on PC for free. Motion Twin says it's coming to consoles soon, so you'll have to wait just a little bit longer if you're not playing on PC.


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