Dead Cells Sales Pass 10 Million, Updates Planned Through 2025

Published: June 5, 2023 10:18 AM /


The player firing a chain at an enemy in Dead Cells

Roguelite Metroidvania platformer Dead Cells has managed to sell 10 million copies, developers Evil Empire and Motion Twin have announced. As you might expect from such a successful indie hit, the two studios are planning to keep content updates for the game coming for quite some time yet, too.

In a press release, Evil Empire and Motion Twin say that the 10 million figure has been achieved within the six years since Dead Cells originally launched in Early Access on Steam. The number also appears to take into account every platform on which Dead Cells is available, including mobile devices. Nevertheless, 10 million is still a pretty darn impressive figure, especially for an indie title.

Since it launched in 2017, Dead Cells has enjoyed a number of free updates, adding features like a boss rush mode and a slew of well-known indie crossovers. Four paid DLC packs have also been released for the game, including one that introduced characters and elements from the long-running and highly influential Castlevania series

The player fighting Death in the Dead Cells Return to Castlevania DLC
Dead Cells has enjoyed tons of DLC and updates since it launched, including a well-received Castlevania crossover.

According to Evil Empire and Motion Twin, Dead Cells will be supported with further updates through 2025, so it'll be a while yet before you have to say goodbye to new Dead Cells content. It's not entirely clear whether those updates will consist of new content or just gameplay tweaks, but the aforementioned press release says that Evil Empire (which runs the "live ops" part of Dead Cells) is currently "experimenting with ideas for future updates". Sounds like they'll be more substantial than balance changes, at least.

You can play Dead Cells right now on...well, just about everything: PC, PlayStation consoles, Xbox platforms, Nintendo Switch, and both iOS and Android mobile devices. Stay tuned for more info about this indie hit and what its two developers have planned for it in the future.


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