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Published: July 11, 2023 9:03 AM /


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Update: A quick correction for this story. Dave the Diver has, in fact, sold a million copies since its Early Access release in October 2022, not since its full release in late June. Apologies for our mistake. The original story follows below in an unedited form.

Original story: Indie diving RPG Dave the Diver has crossed a million sales within its first ten days on release, developer and publisher Mintrocket has announced. The game is currently sitting at an impressive Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam across almost 30,000 reviews, so it's safe to say this one is a pretty unqualified success.

Per a press release, just 10 days after it launched, Dave the Diver crossed the million sales mark. The game has achieved a few other impressive accolades, too, racking up over 78,000 concurrent players on Steam during its peak and hitting the #2 spot on the Steam charts (although it's since fallen to a still-very-respectable fourth place).

Game director Jaeho Hwang says he's grateful to Dave the Diver's community for "being active and providing crucial feedback". According to director Jaeho, the devs have "improved a lot of systems and found bugs" thanks to community responses, so if you've pointed out a Dave the Diver bug, you've participated in making the game better. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Three characters from Dave the Diver posing alongside text that reads "1,000,000" and "THANKS!"
Mintrocket also shared this rather fetching artwork to commemorate Dave the Diver's success.

If you've missed out on Dave the Diver, here's a quick primer. Mintrocket describes its game as a "casual, singleplayer adventure RPG" that revolves around deep-sea exploration, fishing, and managing a sushi restaurant. 

During the day, you'll explore the mysterious Blue Hole, where you'll catch fish and other creatures while taking care not to run out of oxygen. At night, you'll manage your sushi restaurant, using the profits you amass to upgrade your diving equipment and make Blue Hole expeditions more successful.

Dave the Diver also offers a story "full of in-jokes, spoofs, and other humorous scenes", as well as plenty of "quirky characters" to meet. If you want to check it out for yourself, the game is currently available on Steam with a 10% discount during the Summer Sale.

Having trouble making your way through some of Dave the Diver's challenges? Be sure to take a look at our Sea People Language Translator mission guide, and don't get caught out trying to pick up Sea Urchins without the correct equipment!


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