Where to find the Jade Pedestal in Dave the Diver

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Image of Investigate Sea People's Artifact 2 Mission Screen in Dave the Diver, Which Requires the Jade Pedestal

Looking for the Jade Pedestal in Dave the Diver? We've got a quick and easy guide for you to follow, which will show you where to find the item for the "Investigate Sea People's Artifact 2" Ecowatcher mission.

First off, it's worth noting that this item is not a guaranteed spawn. While you'll find it in the same place every time, it may take you a few dives before you can get it!

As the mission states, this item can be found in the Glacial Area, but it's not in the open ocean area - you'll need to have completed "Ancient Control Room" which is one of the last main missions of the game.

Image of the Entrance to the Third Control Room in Dave the Diver

Jade Pedestal Location

Once you have finished that mission, you'll be able to return to the area where you completed a number of puzzles with Suwam, through the door on the bottom right of the Glacial Area as seen above.

Head through that door, and to the right until you have almost reached the ice-covered room. Right before that room, there's an area to swim directly down to 555m depth, and there will be a stingray there hiding under the ground.

Directions to Jade Pedestal:

  1. Enter the Third Control Room Door
  2. Head to the right (lower side) until you have to head down
  3. Swim down, and and then upwards.
  4. Immediately head right from there, and then down.
  5. You'll find the stingray (and hopefully Jade Pedestal) here.
Image of the Jade Pedestal Location at 555m in Dave the Diver Next to a Stingray

Once again, it may not spawn for your first few dives. It actually took me 11 dives before it showed up to be collected, so keep trying until it appears. Honestly, the best time to do it is after you've completed the game.

After you've nabbed the Jade Pedestal, head back on up to the surface and turn in the Ecowatcher mission. Once step closer to the Eco Waterproof bag!


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