Big Empire of Sin Update and First DLC Releasing Next Week

Published: November 11, 2021 11:11 AM /


Empire of Sin

It looks like things are getting pretty busy for Empire of Sin fans soon, because there's going to be a major Empire of Sin update and expansion released next week. The expansion is called Empire of Sin - Make It Count, and as the first major expansion it will add a new playable boss: Maxim Zelnick, also known as the Mob's Fixer. The playable character will also come with the Fixer gangster profession, new weapons, missions, events, and a Loan Shark racket for you to make more illicit gains. Sadly, you won't have Meyer Lansky to help count up the aforementioned illicit gains, but we can't have everything, eh?

The Empire of Sin expansion is also coming with the free Precinct update, which is bringing mod support to the game. For anyone who is even passingly familiar with mods and what they can bring to the table this is a huge deal, and fans will likely see this Empire of Sin update provoke new life into its community.

“Since last year’s launch of Empire of Sin, we’ve all been exploring new ways to expand on the game’s strategic and narrative possibilities,” said Brenda Romero, Co-Founder of Romero Games. “We’ve spent the last year working on Empire of Sin to integrate the creative ideas of our incredibly active and supportive community, and the one-two punch of both Make It Count and the Precinct Update is going to let players see the game in brand-new ways.”

What else is in the Empire of Sin update? 

As one might expect, Precincts are now in the game and can be controlled by players and other factions. Supply Lines must be secured, which will ensure supplies and payments continue to flow into your pockets. To claim a Precinct, a Depot must be claimed, so you'll have to be careful in how you approach the expansion of your underground empire. 

Speaking of Depots, there are new Depots and Safehouse interiors as well as the Gun Store, Mob Lawyer, and Boxing Club Improvement Buildings added.

There's additional ways to win that have been added. This includes the Buy Out, which is a diplomatic win condition that allows players to take out another faction by buying them off. There's also the Chi-Town Mogul way of doing things, which allows you to claim victory by owning 40% of all rackets and upgrading them to the maximum level. If you do this, you can also keep playing after you see the victory screen.

Police have been improved, and now you have a Police Activity number, which is a precinct-wide value that represents the amount of police on the streets. There's a bunch of ways that Police Activity levels can be affected: through bribery, the strength or weakness of diplomatic relations, and the vice investment level. 

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