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Empire of Sin Won't Be Adding Meyer Lansky in New DLC

July 2, 2021 9:23 AM

By: Brian Renadette


In an announcement this morning, Paradox has announced that they won't be bringing in Meyer Lansky as the new mob boss in the Make It Count DLC for Empire of Sin. Instead, players will get to control an original character who will represent a new archetype introduced in the DLC.

Meyer Lansky was a major figure in American organized crime. Known as the "Mob's Accountant," he played a key role in setting up a loose confederation of multi-ethnic criminal organizations. Unfortunately, he won't be joining the ranks of Al Capone and Frankie Donovan in Romero Games' strategy game Empire of Sin. Published by Paradox, the game has had a rough reception, even though our own Alex Verdini enjoyed it greatly. The upcoming DLC, Make It Count, will add "Fixers" and the ability to run loan shark rackets, potentially allowing for some juicy blackmailing.




Meyer Lansky, the mob boss originally planned for the next Empire of Sin DLC.
Meyer Lansky, the mob boss originally planned for the next Empire of Sin DLC.

Why Won't Empire of Sin DLC have Meyer Lansky?

Paradox said that Lansky won't be joining the roster due to a "conflict of interest," which they clarify had more to do with "intricacies of IP and name ownership." However, this change won't be affecting the DLC's production schedule too badly. The team will have to "make a few alterations," but they're still on track for releasing the DLC, and they'll announce it on their social media when they have a solid release date. Instead of Meyer Lansky, players will be able to take control of the "exceptionally ruthless" original character Maxim Zelnick, and he'll make use of all the abilities Lansky was planned to have.

Paradox has had a rough time with DLC production as of late, so hopefully Make It Count can stay on track and help Empire of Sin become the high-quality game it was meant to be.



Empire of Sin is available on PC, Macintosh, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The DLC Make It Count does not have a release date yet, but is set to release sometime this year.

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