Ace Attorney 6 Gets New Trailer, Maya Returns

Published: March 6, 2016 7:17 PM /


Ace Attorney 6

A new Japanese trailer for Gyakuten Saiban 6, which is known in the west as Ace Attorney 6, was released on Capcom's Youtube channel last night. For those that have been long time fans of the series, a pleasant surprise is contained within it: Maya Fey will be back in force. The Japanese version also got a solid release date: June 9th, 2016.

Ace Attorney titles have had rather spotty western releases as of late, with the West missing out on The Great Ace Attorney (unofficial title), which Phoenix Wright's ancestor goes to Britain, and Ace Attorney Investigations 2 (also unofficial), a continuation of the spin-off starring Miles Edgeworth, Phoenix Wright's rival and friend. The latest in the mainline series is also coming to the West, but there is no release date set for the West as of this writing.

Marking a first in the mainline series, Ace Attorney 6 takes place in a foreign country. In this country, there is a strong belief in the supernatural and spirits. Phoenix being himself, he gets wrapped up in a rather unfortunate incident and decides to defend the accused of this incident within the country's own courts. Owing to their strong supernatural beliefs, the court in this country makes use of a curious object known as the Water Mirror, which can recall events pertinent to the case in some form. The key to defending your clients will be pay attention to the images and keywords that appear on the top of the screen through the Water Mirror, while sorting through testimony and evidence on the lower screen.

Of course, heading into a supernatural court would be greatly aided by the presence of a supernatural assistant. Maya Fey will be there with you to provide her usual wit, observations, and perhaps even a spirit channeling or two, and likely bug you for burgers after. Phoenix and Apollo have been confirmed as dual protagonists to date, while Athena is also on hand to lend her assistance.

Oh, and apparently, Gaspen Payne will be there to bug you too.

TechRaptor will keep a lookout for an incoming western release

What do you think? Looking forward to a new Phoenix Wright game? Happy that Maya is back, or was the series better off without her? Let us know below!

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